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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 49)

Her point of view-
Few days later
Ring Ring Ring
Why is somebody calling me so late in the night.?
And who could it be .?
I picked up the phone only to be greeted by a panic striken John..
“John” i answered sleepily..
“Is Bhai with you..?” He questioned hurriedly
“Dex” and my sleep vanished in seconds..

“What happened to him …? Is he alright..? Where is he..?” I asked all these questions in one single breath..
“Bhabhijaan calm down …its just that he is not answering his phone and i dont know where he is..”


“Ask his secreatry …she must know..”
“She herself is searching for him since yesterday..He hasnt been to office too..”
“John..did u check at home..?” I questioned
“Yes i rang the bell quite a few times but he isnt opening so i presume he is not at home..” he declares..

“Acha come over to Ted’s now…we are going Dex hunting..”
I quickly changed into sweatshirt and jeans and hurried off downstairs..
In a few minutes i saw John pulling over..
“Chalo pehle ghar main dekhte hai..”
We head homewards and i open the door with my spare key….
I hope he is alright..
Kuch hua na ho usse…

Baccha hai kya dhyan bhi nai rakh sakta apna..
I am so mad at him right now..
I rush over to his room to find it all messy..
He had broken all the mirrors of the room..
But he wasnt in his room
I searched the entire house..broken glass pieces everywhere..
I begin to panic..
“Its going to be okay bhabhijaan…” john said beside me..
I just hope he is right..

Just then we entered my room..or my ex-room …
Everything was destroyed here too..
I found him sitting near my desk in the corner of the room with his head tucked in his knees..
“Bhai..” john said and i saw Dex look at him…
“Get lost ..i dont want anyone..i dont deserve anyone..” he thundered..
“Let me help you bhai.. before you hurt yourself .”
” I want to be hurt.. I hurt her .” He said and began to sob again.
“Baby” i said as i crouched down before him.
He looked at me as if he had seen a ghost and then continued to stare at me..
“Ma” he said and i looked upto John for an answer

“He is hallucinating..he mises his mom when he is really sad..”
I nodded in understanding ..
“I hurt her maa…she loved me so much and i … i broke her trust ma… i hurt her ..” he said and started crying again..
“No baby …she loves you…she will come back to you . I am sure..” i said trying to get him to stop crying..
“But i failed her….she wanted it to work….and now…”
He wiped his nose and continued.
” Now she hates me maaa”

“I don’t hate you sweetheart” i said cupping his cheeks..
“P…pi…pie” he stammered finally recognising me…
“Yes baby … i am here now and now everything will get better” i replied smiling on to him..
“I guess everything is okay now Bhabhijaan…i will be in the hall if you need me” he said and left giving us some privacy..

“Come baby lets get you changed” i said as i began removing his clothes from his cupboard..
After he had changed ..he was still drowsy and kept on murmering…Pie & Maaa on and on…
I put him to bed …resting my body right beside him…
He continued his murmuring while carresed his hair…
Suddenly i looked at him when his murmuring had stopped..
His body started to get cold..
He had fainted .

“John….Call the doctor ” i yelled as i ran over to the living room.

P.S Kya hua Dex ko..?

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