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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 47)

His point of view-
I feel so ashamed of myself ..
I dint even let her explain herself..
I really dont know how to ask her for forgiveness..??
Will she forgive me..?
Wad if she dosent.?
Will she come back..?
Wad if she dosen’t..?
Will i be able to live then..?

Will i able to forgive myself then.?
How will i survive.?
What will i tell Dad..papa….?
I need to go to her now and need to get her back…
I quickly dial her bodyguard and ask him about her whereabouts.
He informed me that she was staying with him..in his house..
No Dex relax dont get angry..
.breathe in breathe out..

I rang the door bell and there he stood his almighty ‘The great Big -B’
“I want to meet Pie” i say as calmly as i can.
“No ” he replies.
“She is my fiance” i state
“Sh is my best friend.”
I am trying to control my anger but this guy …he just dosent want to be in my good books..
“Look dude..whom so ever you maybe i really dont care… i want to see her now and it means i will ”
He contimues to stare at me with an amused expression..
This guy is seriously testing my patience
“Tum jante nahi main kaun hoon ..aur tum jitna kam jano utna tumhare liye acha hai … so its better that you step aside and let me meet her..”
He begins to laugh and it pisses me off more..
Her best friend’s point of view-

“Listen and listen to me good.. .you have already hurt her enough…
my doll has never cried so much..
It has been very difficult for me to put her to bed so its better you get lost from here before i do something ” i thunder at him.
Its enough now..he has already hurted my doll too much and now i will not let his pathetic being near her ever again
“How dare you..?” He says and pushes my shoulders..
“Mere hi ghar akar meri himat puch rahe ho..?”
Her point of view –
I shift uncomfortably on the bed not able to deal with his words..
I cant believe he said them to me.

I gave my everything to him and this is what i get in return..
Its so disappointing
I can hear people screaming downstairs what the hell is happening..?
As i start to descend the steps the voices grow louder and i can identify the two voices now.
1 belongs to Ted. And another one belongs to..
Belongs to Dex..
What is he doing here .?

I reach the last step when i see Dex trying hit Ted..
“What the hell is happening here..?” I yell and two pairs of eyes get transfixed at me..
Ted comes over to my side and tries to calm me down..
When i am calm enough Dex starts to “Baby i..”
I show him my hand as gesture for him to stop talking…
When you din’t give me a chance to explain why should i..?” i question ..
I watch him gulp his saliva down.
“I think you know the way to the Door ” i say and turn around to head upstairs..
“You heard her ” Ted says and starts to follow me upstairs..

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