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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 45)

His point of view-
As soon as i reached home i ring the door bell and as the door opens i stand there stunned…shocked nearly speechless.
Front of me stands the man i despise the most..
The one and only Big – B.
He is shirt less..
But why is he shirtless..?
I quickly open my photos to have a look at the guy’s pic that i received from her bodyguard earlier..
There are many similarities..
Not only similarities..

Oh gosh its him..!
My baby was with the person i despise the most.
Anger is already boiling up inside me getting ready to burst like a volcano..
I quickly punch him on the nose and it starts to bleed..
Good he deserves that .
.that shit head..
I call out to her…not by her nickname but by her real name.
When she dosent respond by my call i go into her room only to find her half asleep..
Does that mean he slept here the whole night..?
In one house..
In one room
When he was shirtless
I catch hold of her hand and pull her upwards almost to a standing position..
“What the” she almosts starts to yell but stops midsentence..
She looks at me with horror in her eyes..
“Baby ” she says and comes over to my side
That is when i realise what she is wearing..
She isnt wearing the dress from the photo but she is ..
Wearing ..
Wearing a Jersey..


His jersey..
The volcano irrupts as my mind connects the dots..
I slap her hard across the face..
That shit head comes to her rescue immediately .
“Baby listen to me…” she pleads ..
“Don’t you dare you baby me … u bl**dy b***c …” i thunder ..
I take shit from no one and literally no one..
I grab her hand and bring her to the hall
“Now i know why you wanted me to go to France…why you never tried to stop me…?
Why you never thought of coming there…

Because….you were busy enjoying here with this bastard..”
She continues to sob silently in a corner without saying a word..
This riles me up even more
I move ahead to slap her once again when someone stop me midway..
Its him..
“Enough of your nonsense … not word against Doll anymore…” he says with eyes red with anger..
He then turns to doll lifts her off the floor and makes her sit on the sofa..
Her best friend’s oint of view –
I kneel down in front of Doll and wipe away her tears asking her not to cry anymore..
“Shh doll don’t cry please..” i plead when she dosen’t stop crying..
He continues to scream
“Listen you …” i start to say when i feel Doll’s hand on my shoulder.
“We are not going to explain anythig when we are not wrong .” She says with determination in her eyes

I nod in reassurance..
“Please take me from here Ted” she says as she burries her head in my chest sobbing..
With that i grab her hand and we head out of the door..

P .S This chapter dedicated to my lovely reader Chanu … i am so happy to know that you are so involved in Ruhaniyaat.
With loyal readers like you stories as simple as Ruhaniyaat become a huge sucess
Thank you..!

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