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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 37)

His point of view –
I watch as Pie went to her room and sprawled down on the bed crying..
I lied down beside her
“Pie come here baby..” i said and put my hand on her shoulder..
She shrugged it off
“Pie come here ” i tried again without touching her .
But she ignored me..
Her point of view-
“Pie come here right now..” he spoke a little loudly this time..
I shifted more away from him
“Pie dammit come here right now” he said…

No not happening…dint he recognise my touch..?
He reached over..turned me over and pulled me to him..
I kept my hand between us distancing myself from him..
“Baby come on..” he said and then he added please..
He knew i was upset and he knew why..
He sighed..he sat up and pulled me on to his lap..


“I am sorry baby” he said and grabbed my hands …kissing them ..he put them behind his neck and placing his hands on my waist ..pulling me close..
The puppy dog expression that he was pulling off and now the close proximity was already melting me..
“Baby i am really sorry..i …i dint know when she came in and when myshirt was off…i was in the study ..wait…” with that he picked me up and we went to his study ..
The file he had been reading was still lying open ..
Dex never leaves his files in such a manner..he always closes them and places them back in the cupboard..
He is quite particular about this..
So someone was trying to soil things ..who could it be..?

Could it be him..?
No…ofcourse not…he dosent know about our engagement..
But then how did he come to this house..?
His poing of view –
“I am afraid Dex..” she said leaning onto me..
” Of me..?” I joked to lighten the mood..
“No…of feelings…” she confessed and hid her face deeper into my chest
“Look at me shona..” i said and she looked at me with a adorable expression..
“Baby..i care about you more than you know…i feel about you more than you can imagine..I want you because you are beautiful inside out..
I want you because you are you..”

She just smiled and i know it was my cue to continue..
“Let me show you how i feel about you…you know i am bad at expressing things..but i can show you if you just say yes.” I said kissing her nose
“Yes..” she whispered.

P.S This chapter is dedicated to my dear reader Shiksha…

Thank you so much for your loyalty..earlier towards Humrahi and now towards Ruhaniyaat .
I really appreciate it..

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