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Royal Love (KKB) Few Shots Shot 1

Hey Guys Prathi here! I am so sorry for not commenting in most of the FF’s held up with work here. Happy Onam to all Malayalees here. Thank you so much for such an awesome response for my Teaser. Maya missing your ff but loving your randomness. Surbhi enjoying your FF, try to be regular yaar I am so excited thinking of GOD (5brides 1 wedding, sound like a catchy title ? ) Saranya continue with your ff , Moni I still dint read your’s have to read after posting this one. Veni finally you are back make Pragya realize that Abhi can’t do anything behind her back. Achu (Asmitha) ,Akshaya, Hari, My Princess ( Princesskrisha), Ujwala, Shriti, Astha, Prabhi awesome work keep writing guys. Aashini patel, Aditi Roy what happened to you guys you are missing! Tisha aka Srimathi its been a long while you are missing where are you?? Naudini again you stopped!? Not fair! Hatera please come back with season 2 of Rockstar and his restless fan. Roli aka Shona aka Shobana waiting for your ff. Soumiya you are missing too! Maahi !?? Riya thank you so much for commenting I was waiting for your sweet comment so badly!! Reshma, Maha, Surbhi, Saranya, Asmitha, Abhigaya ( Aliza), Akshaya, Hari, Princess Krisha, Moni,Durga, Mukung Raj thank you so much for the love!! No more bak bak straight to the story! Any changes needed suggestions are welcome! Happy Reading !

A beautiful castle is seen in midst of trees…
Inside the castle
It is beautifully decorated with flowers everywhere, seems like a function let’s check it out.
A guy is seen (Imagine wearing Blue and Golden King’) attire holding a baby and playing with it, He said, Today is your naming ceremony whose name should be kept for you? Let me think what about my name ? saying this he winked at a women ( Wearing Blue saree covering her head with pallu and decorated with gold ornaments from head to toe) and she said, Bhai, come on I am not able to manage one and you are creating another. Another guy ( Wearing Red and Gold combination Dress like a prince) comes in saying, What’s wrong in that? I want our son to be like him the Great Abhisheik Ruthra Singh Deo, Jahanpana ki Jai ho! Saying this he bent his head before that guy. Jahanpana (Abhisheik) said, Purab we are friends inside this room stop this nonsense and I have married you to my sister Bulbul so you are my brother- in –law. Just call me Abhisheik. Purab said, Whatever it may be this Purab Vikram Rathod is always your Slave my lord! And again bent down his head! Bulbul was fed up of this drama so she left the place holding her kid saying, You both sort out between yourselves what you guys want to be called, I am leaving. Both Abhisheik and Purab Laughed at her. Purab asked , Kaha hain Rani saheba? ( Where is the Queen?). Pragya ( Wearing Pink saree covering her head with pallu, decorated with Gold ornaments from head to toe) came saying, Here I am. Abhisheik said, Hey walk slowly I don’t want to take any risk with my Princess. Pragya smiled shyly, seeing this he said, I meant our Daughter. Pragya was irked and said, Jahanpana I am just 3 months Pregnant not 8 months and how can you say that it will be a girl? Abhisheik asked, You are angry right? Pragya turned away from him. Abhisheik went in front of her knelt down saying, You are my life, whatever may come I will protect you with all my life! I may die but I will never let you die… Pragya also knelt down and said, I know that but you should know something too! Aap ke bina mein Adhuri hoon, Zinda nahin reha payengi ( Without you I am incomplete, I can’t be alive). Abhisheik kissed his Queen’s Forehead. Purab said, Aap dono ka Pyaar bari bathein poori hogayi tho chalein? ( If you guys are done with your lovey, dovey words shall we go?) Pragya blushed and nodded her head. All three headed towards the Durbar, Bulbul is seen waiting for them along with Mantri ji (Vikram from Bade Aachey Lagte hain) and a pandit. Whole of the dynasty can be seen from the balcony situated there. Every one shifts themselves to the balcony and the child is kept inside a beautifully decorated cradle made of Silver and Gold. Pandit comes and says, Its time shall we start the ceremony? Jahanpana ( Abhisheik), Nodes his head. They were about to give name to his baby just then an Arrow hit the pillar beside Mantri ji. Everyone was shocked seeing this, there was chaos among the people standing down. Mantri ji went and took the arrow off the pillar ( Coz he found a note attached to it) and started reading the note. It was written, I AM COMING FOR YOU ABHISHEIK RUTHRA SINGH DEO!

Mantri ji informed this to Abhisheik and he lost his temper and said, I threw him out of this palace and how dare he comes back? Chaos is seen among the people standing and many horses are seen coming towards the palace. They stopped near the Gate of the palace and a voice came saying, Hey Brother how are you? It’s been a while since I fought with you. Abhisheik got irked by this and was about to say something when an Arrow hit Mantri ji who came and stood in front of Abhisheik. Purab took Abhisheik inside and the balcony was cleared of all Royal beings. ( Everyone forgot the baby). Baby started crying and slowly Bulbul went to take him but she was hit with an incoming arrow in her arms. Somehow she successfully took baby and escaped from there. Inside the palace Purab and Abhisheik were discussing how to fight Nikhil because he has compromised their security measures somehow. Pragya notices Bulbul missing and told them about this. They both rush to find her hurt in her arms and carrying the baby towards them. Abhisheik said, Anyone here!? Where is the Palace doctor call him over here immediately. Doctor came and treats her wound and said, You must really Thank God! If I haven’t treated her immediately poison would have spread and either we should have cut her arms off or she would have died. Purab and Abhisheik both were equally pissed off and decided to teach Nikhil a lesson. Below Soldiers were fighting against him and his soldiers, they were trying hard to keep up with him. This news reached both Abhi ( Sorry guys fingers aching) and Purab. Abhi said, Purab take Pragya and Bulbul to a safe place I will handle him. Purab, Pragya and Bulbul said, No we will be here, we will not leave you and go. Abhi said, It’s my order all three of you leave this place immediately! Nobody has so much courage to disobey him so they obliged and went. Purab, Pragya, Bulbul along with the baby went towards a room which had a secret escape door. Pura went back checked whether anyone saw them and went inside that door and locked it behind them. All the three along with the baby went through a dark passage with Purab holding a torch for light ( Torch in the sense a holder lit with fire). They were climbing down stairs, after sometime they reached the end of the stairs and started walking through a cave which leads to the end of their kingdom towards a jungle. When they were about to reach the end of their passage they saw someone standing in front of them and was shocked at that sight. He said, Leave Bulbul and the baby I will leave Pragya alive otherwise I will kill Pragya. Purab was about to retaliate when Bulbul said, I am going back inside the palace let him do whatever he wants to do with me. Take Rani Saheba ( Pragya) to a safer place. Purab was about to say something, she said, It’s the order of the princess. Pragya was feeling dizzy and was not able to understand what was happening in her surroundings. She saw Bulbul going back with baby in her hands and someone whom she knew so well was standing in front of her with a sword in his hands and bow in his shoulder. She fainted with this slight image. Purab took her in his shoulders and was about to leave when that person stopped him and said, Why so fast? You people really believed in what I said and was about to harm Purab when someone hit his head with a wooden log and said, Go from here with Rani Saheba ( Pragya) and come back with the heir when he/she is ready to face this. Purab started to run holding Pragya in his shoulders.

Who was that Guy who wanted Bulbul so badly? Who helped Purab Escape from the Evil Clutches? Keep thinking till I upload my next Shot!!

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