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Uptight accountant Swara Bose always plays by the rules and it has gotten her nowhere. Deep inside, she longs for fun and danger. A night at the dark and dangerous Felony Bar is just what the doctor ordered for mending her broken heart.

Tattooed bartender and playful bad boy Sanskar Maheshwari likes to break all the rules. He’s been watching Swara for months, waiting for a chance to make his move. He might be willing to end his one-and-done philosophy for a treasure like her. She’s different from the nameless, faceless girls of his past. She’s smart and s*xy and way out of his league. When Swara wanders into his bar after a devastating breakup, he’ll do anything within his power to seduce and claim her for his own.  

After a night of the hottest s*x she’s ever had, Swara’s hooked on Sanskar like a drug. When she begins to consider a relationship with him, a woman from his past arrives with a devastating secret. Swara is convinced Sanskar lied to her. Is she willing to take a chance on him, knowing his past will complicate her future? Can Sanskar persuade Swara to reconsider or will she walk away forever, taking his heart with her?

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