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Part 2

A pang of guilt made her look away from the s*xy bartender.It was hard to forget that she’d been in love…or “thought” she was in love…with someone else a week ago.Had it really been love if the other person didn’t live her back?She bit her lower lip in contemplation of the question that has kept her awake every night.If she had been truly in love,she wouldn’t been sitting here in this bar,lusting after another man.Yet here she was,7 days later,secretly stalking a man who didn’t even know her name.


To distract herself from this unresolved cycle of contemplation,she concentrated on Sanskar & the endless parade of girls who perched on the barstool at the end of the corner-or Sanskar Seat of Shame as she called it.Girl smiled & flirted in a desperate attempt to catch his eyes.His gaze wandered over all of them as he leaned across the opposite end of the bar,knee deep in a conversation with a hot girl.A cute blond with a pouncing ponytail waited on deck at the periphery of the bar area,ready to pounce at the first sign of opportunity.From the looks of things,Miss.Ponytail wouldn’t have to wait long.

Things weren’t going too well for the girl.She cried & gestured emphitically from her barstool.Sanskar’s shoulders rose in an unsympathetic shrung as he turned to leave.
The girl grabbed at his sleeve in a desperate attempt to pull him back,but he slid away without comment.A tear-streaked pout marred the pretty face as Sanskar went about the business of wiping down the oak countertop without a backward glance.When he failed to returned after few minutes,the girl bolted toward the bathroom with a loud sob…?
Swara-What was that about?
She asked as Sanskar replaced her drink a few minutes later.
The tip of his unlit cigarette bobbed up & down with his words as it dangled from b/w his lips.
Sanskar-We had a misunderstanding.

Sanskar was a self-admitted arsehole but his charm made his actions more tolerable.Not that a handsome face & rocking body excused a man from common decency,but in his case it certainly blurred the lines of acceptance.His s*xy just-tumbled-out-of-bed look might not work for some guys,but Sanskar wore it like an old pair of jeans.It was so distracting that she could barely concentrate on his words.
Their eyes met & his perfect lips curved into a perfect smile that had her stomach doing somersaults?.Dark eyes held the promise of something sensual & forbidden,as if he just finished nasy & unspeakable things to a willing female,& they had both enjoyed every minute of it.She shiver & shook her head in dispel the image of Sanskar’s naked body among her twisted silk bed sheet?.

“Damn,but he’s fine.” Her gaze flickered up to meet his again & found him watching her with amusement.
Swara-What kind of misunderstanding?
She squirmed on her barstool,unnerved by the strength of her attraction to hims so soon after The Breakup.

Precap-Sanskar’s revealing the misunderstanding b/w the girl & him??shocking Swara??

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