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Part 1

A few minutes past midnight on a hot June night,Swara Bose turned out the lights of her office at Reyes Corporation,caught a cab to a seamier side of town,& slid onto a barstool at Felony.A notoriuos underground club with a reputation for heavy mental music & brawling,Felony was her favorite guilty pleasure after a week of stuffy boardroom meetings,financial statements,& patronizing compliments from men in conservative blue suits.


Nothing took her further from oppressive corporate life than this edgy bar tucked down an alley like the city’s dirty secret.Its eclectric mix of leather-clad bikers & mental heads appealed to her secret desire to be someone-anyone-other than the boring accountant that she was.
She watched with envy as dancers bobbed & swayed to the ragining music like an undulating wave in an angry sea.Pungent odors of swaet & incense mingled with the less obtrusive smell of whiskey & flash pots from the stage.Laser light & strobes flashed like lightning in time to the thunder of heavy bass & drums.The whole place thrummed with energy as if on the brink of an explosion.

Any other time,she might have felt out of place in her conservative cream silk blouse & knee-length taupe skirt amidst all of the mental-studed leather & ripped denim.The women frowned at her attire while the men gave her a wide berth as if might burst into religious sermon if they come too close.With a resigned shrug,she raised a hand to pat the sleek French twist in her hair lest one of the unruly locks escape its prison.Satisfied that every hair held its place she,turned her gaze to the crowd around her.

Voice-Hey,there pretty girl.
One of the bartenders set a gin & tonic with two slices of lime in front of her b4 she had spoken a word.She tried to hand him a Rs.670 bill but he waved it away with a shrug & a wink.
Bartender-Your drinks are on the house tonight.

As he returned to the other end of the bar,her gaze followed him.This particular broad-shouldered bartender was the reason most females came to Felony,& she was no exception?.His name was Sanskar Maheshwari???.They had a passing acquaintance limited to brief discussions of the weather & sports,mingled with occasional flirting remarks.Although she had a huge crush on him,she’d never admitted it to anyone including herself?.Sanskar reprsented everything that was absent from her life ;spontaneity,promiscuity…adventure.He was the green grass on the other side of her self-imposed fence,a temptation that she coveted but would never taste.

A pang of guilt made her look away from the s*xy bartender.

How was the part???
Why Swara is not accepting her feelings towards Sanskar?
Does Sanskar also likes Swara?
What is the reason behind Swara’s guilt?

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