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Robotic Love (part 2)

Hi!! Im back, thank you so much for all the comments (guess what im typing this in school!!)

Precap- RD and RS were downloading and repeating the first 14 years of their life where there was just friendship no love shove (except on dev’s side, he had a crush ;)) but now it’s time


Episode starts-A group of friends and devakshi are sitting in a circle playing TDOS-

Natasha- (Devakshi’s Friend) – So Dev, TDOS? (Truth, Dare, Of Course and situation… believe me Of course is so easy just say of course to anything they say we play this at school all the time)
Natasha- seriously, so easy… so you love sona right? *Natasha knew, wanted Sona to know*
Dev- * Giving the death look to Natasha and blushing so hard that we can mistaken him for a tomato* Of.. Cou.r.r.se
Anvi- (Another Devakshi Friend) gives a shoulder bump to sona, because by this time sona had fell hard for dev’s eyes, his hair, his style… EVERYTHING
Natasha- Ok so now let’s start again 1, 2

Dev- 3,4,5
Sona- 6,7,8
Anvi- 9,10
Kritin- 11
Aadi- 12,13,14
Piyush- 15,16,17
Rohan- * giving a look to Natasha saying that give 21 to sona* 18
Natasha- * understanding and giving the same look to dev* 19
Dev- * He understood but that’s basically what he wanted * 20
Sona- *sigh* 21
Natasha- So sona TDOS
Sona- like always dare

Natasha- Wow so daring, but im also quite smart, you will never take a dare again
Sona- let’s see
Natasha- Get Up
Sona-Aree why, pehle dare to Bata
Natasha- I know you will not reject it so get up Na,
Sona- fine
Natasha- Go to Dev
Sona- Im right next to him!!

Natasha- Fine, bend down
Sona- * Even after 2 years of having a crush on dev and so many years of friendship she feels so weird when she is so close to him, her heart was beating as fast as a runway track faster and faster* * but bent down to align her face like she was telling a secret, while dev’s heart already left for Olympics, running and most probably is halfway down the track*
Natasha- Now kiss him!!

Dev-*sitting with the most awkward position ever not know what to do*
Sona- *taking “Sahara” of dev’s knees to hold herself up because she was damn shocked*
Natasha- Sorry I forgot… you must have kissed each other on the cheeks so on the lips… come on sona you never reject a dare so now what? Kiss him!!
I feel so weird writing this but this happened in school today so I thought that why not make this the story? So what do you think will happen? Kya dares me relationships kharab ho jayege? I still feel awkward but I hope you enjoyed.. Hope you did please comment!! Till then love dove!!

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