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Rishton Ki Dori Hai Dil Se Judi Episode 5

Hi guys first I discontinued this Ffestiniog but I thought to continue but please keep reading and commenting.

Reena goes and Manav goes to Tanvi.


Manav:Tanvi are you comfortable?

Tanvi:Yeah very much.

Tanvi sees that because of air window gets open so she goes to close it but she slips but Manav catches her on time by waist.Both share eyelock.

Reena sees this and smiles and goes from there.

Mohit too sees this and gets angry and thinks

Mohit:If they will fall in love then Manav’s property will not be mine.

Mohit goes from there in anger.

Manav and Tanvi’s eyelock breaks.

Manav:Are you fine?

Tanvi:Yeah and thanks for saving me.

Tanvi goes to window and closes it.Manav leaves from there.

Mohit in his room thinks

Mohit:I have an idea to separate these two love birds.

He smiles evily.

Next day Tanvi is seen in kitchen with Reena and Manav has went to office and Mohit is at home telling the excuse that his head was painting.

All are busy when they hear the noise of door.

Tanvi goes and opens the door and sees a boy.

Boy:Namaste everyone

Mohit:Namaste Vijay

Vijay:I have came here because Mohit bhai called me.

Reena:Mohit Ji why you called him?

Mohit:Now it is his age of marriage so I called him here so that he can marry soon.

Vijay:By the way Manav is not here?

Tanvi:He have went to office.

Vijay:No problem I will meet him in evening.

Mohit takes Vijay to room.

Mohit:You know na what you have to do?

Vijay:Yeah bhai.I have to steal Tanvi from Manav.

Both laugh evily.

Tanvi goes to Manav’s room and takes his photo in her hand and caresses it.

Tanvi:I don’t know but when I saw you for first time I forgot the world.I have fallen in love with you.

She hugs his photo.In office Manav is smiling and thinks

Manav:Tanvi I have totally fallen in love with you so I will tell you today.

He smiles.

At evening Vijay is coming in hall when he bumps to Tanvi.He catches her.Manav sees this and geysers sad and goes to his room.Vijay thinks

Vijay:My plan is working.

Tanvi:I am sorry I dint saw you.

Vijay”It’s my mistake I should say sorry.

Precap:Mohit to announce Vijay and Tanvi’s marriage and Manav and Reena to get shocked.

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