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Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 16 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“What a pleasant surprise?” said Mohit looking at Ragini lustfully. Ragini looked down not willing to look at his disgusting face. “You both know each other?” asked Shruthi looking confused.
“Leave me Mohit. What are you doing?” said Ragini pushing Mohit who was trying to kiss Ragini. “Why didn’t I see you before? I swear I wouldn’t have tried impressing Radhu. You are such heavenly beauty” he said trailing his fingers on her cheeks. Ragini slapped him hard. “Have you lost it? I promise I will throw you out of my Radhu’s life.” said Ragini showing her finger. “Try it babes. I’m sure she will never believe you” he said smirking. “And for this. You will pay all your life” he said caressing his cheek where Ragini slapped him.
At present he smirked looking at Ragini.

“Shru Let’s leave from here” said Ragini holding Shruthi and dragging her inside the campus. “Leave my hand Gini. What’s happening? Why are you behaving so weird?” said Shruthi jerking Ragini’s hand after they entered the campus. Shruthi saw back and found Mohit was leaving sad. She felt bad as he was hurt due to Ragini’s sudden behavior.
Suhani, Rachna, Nithin and Manny came and stood around them due to Shruthi’s shouting. Manny and Nithin looked at each other and got confused. Suhani and Rachna also got confused. Manny looked at Suhani asking what happened. She nodded as she doesn’t know. “Stay away from him” said Ragini rudely. She was damn angry. First time Nithin saw her like that. His heart felt restless as it felt something bad is going to happen. “And why should I listen to you?” asked Shruthi folding her hands. Ragini felt somebody stabbed her. She remembered how Radhu spoke similarly a year back. She understood that the beast has played his game. Again she has to go through same situations. “Wait a sec. About whom are you people talking?” asked Rachna trying to cool the situation.


“Shru. Listen to me he is a jerk. Just stay away from him. This is all his game.” said Ragini not answering to Rachna coming close to Shruthi. “How do you know that?” asked Shruthi coldly. “Who knows him better than me? I know him from our school days. He is a jerk. You cut all your ties with him. Are you listening to me?” said Ragini holding Shruthi’s elbow getting angry remembering Mohit’s smirking face. Nithin and Manny saw Ragini and got horrified looking at her anger. “Stop behaving like you are my mom Gini.” saying Shruthi jerked Ragini’s hand. Something stuck her mind and she said “Oh you are that girl about whom he was talking? Oh my God. You are the one responsible for his breakup due to which he tried committing suicide.” “What?” asked Ragini shocked. “ You are so desperate for him that you played such a big game with him. How could you do this Gini? How innocent you acted with me from past 8 months. Must say you are a brilliant actress wooow” said Shruthi clapping her hands sarcastically. “Shruthi? What the hell are you talking?” said Suhani angry.

Ragini’s eyes filled with tears due to Shruthi’s words which pierced her heart deep. She knew that beast has completely manipulated Shruthi and she will not listen whatever Ragini says. Nithin’s heart pained looking at her tearful eyes. He was confused what made his Shru to talk such rubbish things about her best friend. “Be careful Ani. She will snatch Manny also from you. That’s her work right to snatch her friend’s boyfriends.” said Shruthi. “Thud” Rachna slapped Shruthi. “How dare you speak about our Gini like that? Have you lost your mind? What the hell are you talking.” said Suhani side hugging Ragini. Ragini burst out into a bitter cry hearing Shruthi’s words. Rachna and Suhani started tearing looking at their Gini like that. Manny’s eyes filled listening that. How can somebody doubt the relationship between him and his Ragu maa. How can anybody point out at his Ragu maa like that? He tightened his fist and closed his eyes as he heard Ragini’s bitter cry. A tear dropped from his eye. “Ginu” Rachna held Ragini from other side preventing her from falling down. Shruthi held her cheek crying. “I hate you Ragini. I hate you.” said Shruthi running from there crying. Nithin looked at Ragini; tears started flowing from his eyes. He was stuck between his love and his sister. He could not console her now; he felt helpless. He ran behind Shruthi shouting “Shru. Listen to me”

“Ragu maa” saying Manny approached Ragini to console her. She stepped back a little looking painfully at him. He nodded his head with painful eyes. Ragini wiped her tears and ran from there to her room. He turned to Suhani and said “Ani wo..” before he could complete Suhani showed her palm to stop him. She looked at him teary eyed and said “She has to be normal with you as before, otherwise forget me. I cannot give place to anybody in my life with whom she is uncomfortable.” and she ran behind Ragini. Manny collapsed on floor. “Manny.” saying Rachna kept her hand on his shoulder. He looked at her teary eyed. “Be brave Manny. You have to win back Gini and Suhani.” said Rachna looking at him teary eyed. Manny stood up and hugged Rachna sobbing. She rubbed his back and consoled him. In one minute his life turned upside down.

“Shru… Shru… Wait” said Nithin holding Shruthi’s elbow and turned her. She hugged him and burst into a cry. “How can she do this Nitzz bhai? I trusted her so much. How can she turn out to be the person who hurt my Mohit so much that he tried committing suicide. That day if I was not there he would have been dead by now” said Shruthi sobbing. “But Shru. Why will she do that? You know her so well. You only tell me can she do like that?” said Nithin trying to console her. “And why will Mohit lie when he was trying to take his life. I know him from past three years where as I know Ragini from only past 8 months. He loved a girl madly. I loved him but did not express as I saw honesty in his eyes for the girl. He was ready to die for her. And because of this Ragini who was mad behind him that girl broke up with him” she said still sobbing. “Shhh now cool down” he said rubbing her shoulder. He could not hear anything against Ragini not even from his lovely sister Shru. But he did not wanted to hurt Shru taking Ragini’s side. He thought of solving the issue more maturely.

“Ginu” said Suhani placing her hand on Ragini’s shoulder as she entered the room. Ragini turned and hugged her crying badly. “Shh shh. Cool down bacha.” said Suhani rubbing her shoulders and controlling her tears. “About whom were you people fighting?” asked Suhani hesitantly. “Mohit” said Ragini still sobbing. “What? That bl**** B****. She was taking his side?” asked Suhani angry. “Haa Ani. He has completely brain washed her. Her life will be ruined Ani. You know na how much he hates me. He will use her to take revenge from me.” said Ragini sobbing. “You are still thinking about her?” asked Rachna entering the room. Ragini came out of the hug and said “She is my bestest friend ” she paused for a second and closed her eyes unable to control the pain. “What happened?” asked Rachna narrowing her eyes. “She is still my friend” said Ragini turning other side. “Yeah yeah mahan Ragini. Who will forgive everybody; though they hurt her self-respect just because she thinks they are her friends, Let the other person consider her worse than their enemy also no problem. Hai na?” said Rachna folding her hands. “Rachu” shouted Suhani. “I’m not talking to you. Not after what you did with Manny” said Rachna showing her finger to Suhani. Suhani lowered her head. Rachna held Ragini’s elbow and said “Why don’t you forget what she said. Anyways she has broken the friendship. It should not matter to you whatever she says. Just chuck it Ginu. Forget her. Let her do whatever she wants to do”

“I cannot forget. I cannot forget that she is my friend. Though she has broken the friendship I’m still holding the bridge on the other side. I will not let her fall as prey to that beast. I will not. If some stranger was there in her place also, I will not let them fall prey for him” said Ragini shouting jerking her hand. “I will not. I will not” saying Ragini collapsed on floor crying. Suhani hugged her. Rachna caressed her hair with teary eyes. Suhani looked at Rachna but she glared at her angry and avoided eye contact.

“I’m not hungry. Please Ani you go” said Ragini pleading Suhani. “Even I’m not going for food” said Suhani. “Even me” said Rachna sitting on bed. “Please na. Just get me biscuit packet.” said Ragini pleading them. “Fine” said both of them heading out of the room to canteen. While walking in the corridor Suhani looked at Rachna and said “Rachu wo..”. But before Suhani could complete Rachna showed her finger and said “Until you get back to normal with Manny, don’t talk to me.” and headed to Canteen. Suhani felt bad and headed to canteen. She saw Manny who was standing like a lifeless body. She wanted to hug him and cry but Ragini’s face flashed in her mind and she avoided him and went to take food. Rachna placed her hand on Manny’s shoulder. He looked up at Rachna teary eyed. “Everything will be alright Manny. Eat now. Don’t disrespect the food” said Rachna trying to console him. He ate the food uninterested.

Nithin went to Shruthi’s room to get her luggage as she refused to stay with them anymore. She did not want to see Ragini’s face. Inside the room Ragini was sitting on her bed. “I hate you Ragini. I hate you” she remembered Shruthi’s words and closed her eyes and tears started flowing from her eyes. Nithin who entered the room thinking nobody will be there saw Ragini sitting on bed and crying. He sat on the bed in front of her and wiped her tears. Ragini opened her eyes and saw Nithin who had tears in his eyes and was wiping her tears. They both had a painful eye lock. “I will solve this issue Ragu. Don’t cry. It’s my promise” said Nithin trying to console her breaking the eye lock. She couldn’t control her emotions. She hugged him tightly bursting out into a bitter cry. Nithin was surprised to her sudden reaction but he understood that she needed someone now. And encircled his hands around her. His heart pained to her every tear which was dropping from her eyes.

After some time he sat beside her and she leaned to him keeping her head on his shoulder. He side hugged her and was rubbing her shoulder. “That’s her work right. To snatch her friend’s boyfriend” Shruthi’s words ringed in her mind. She jerked and straightened herself and dragged herself away from Nithin. “Sorry” she said looking down. “In friendship no sorry no thanks” said Nithin to cheer her. But she looked at him with painful eyes. His smile faded. “I thought we are still friends” he said and started getting up and moving. Ragini held his hand and said “We are still and we will always be” She smiled between her tears. He smiled holding her hand and sat beside her and said “And it’s a friends promise I will mend yours and Shru’s friendship. I don’t know what the truth is but I know one thing that you will not tell lie. And I’m with you” he said cupping her face. Her smile widened and she kept staring at him. She started respecting him and made a decision to bring Mohit’s truth in front of Shruthi with Nithin’s help as he was the only person who could protect her bestest friend now.

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