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Rich or Poor,Love knows nothing||A Shraman FF||Episode 4 part 2

Hi guys,I am back with the next update ,Thanks for all your comments,Hoping that EDKV would get an extension till December…
Enough of my BAK-BAK,Lets start..
Recap:Shravan feels guilty upon knowing that Sumo is an orphan,at the same time he feels jealous to see Sumo very close to Dev

In this episode,there will be more of Rishay and their love confession.
also in the previous episode Sumo mentioned master mind.(ie Riya Kashyap)

While there was Shravan jealousy and Devman meeting,Rishay were having loads of fun in the party and deco shops…as they were the only ones in this 2 storey shop….apart from the salesman ofcourse…
Riya:Akshay,Lets go to the flower section the party should be slightly romantic…
Akshay:The party is gonna be rock and roll,no romance and me and Shravan are gonna be the only seniors.
Riya:Everything wont be followed at your command.
Riya holds Akshay’s hand and pulls him towards the flower section…
Akshay has no option but to follow…

In the section,Akshay takes a few bunches of jasmines for himself while Riya takes many bunches of Roses.
Akshay:Roses are too romantic
Riya smiles.
Akshay takes a rose in his hand and sits on his knees,Riya becomes extremely happy that he is going to tell him his feelings for her…but to her shock he starts tying his laces keeping the rose aside.
Akshay stands up and whispers in her ear:Don’t imagine stuff beyond your knowledge,My mom likes roses thats why I took one for her.
Riya stands spellbound thinking upon how he knew what she was thinking.
She take a heart shaped pillow unknowingly from the side and starts beating him.
Akshay takes the pillow and says:Thanks a lot for giving your heart to me.
Riya realizes what she had done and tries to defend what she just did:U..m..m I ..j..u.st . t..o.o.k whatevercametomyhand.
Akshay:But I have given my heart to you.
Akshay takes the rose and bends down:Ms Riya Kashyap,I love you,Will you be my GF?
Riya:Let me think,
Riya pretends to think and says:I will give my answer in a 1000 years only!
Akshay without realizing:Okay,I will wait
Riya starts beating him:I love you too duffer
Akshay starts laughing without saying anything.
Riya :I hate u
akshay:I did that to get the truth out of you,this rose is for you only.After marriage you are going to rule me like my mom only.
Riya starts running after him.After a lot of running in the store.
Riya:OH wait,let me inform Sumo
Akshay:And me Shravan.

Rishay dial Shraman no’s repectively.
Sumo and Riya call:
Riya :Sumo ,I am soooo haaappppyyyy,Akshay proposed me..
Sumo:Relax<I have another news which would give you a double dose of happiness.
Riya gets even the more excited:What!
Sumo hands the phone to Dev.
Riya screams:Bandar
Dev:Yes Boss
Riya:Wait a minute,Where is Shravan?Why is Sumo with you?Where are you right now?
Dev:Slowly,I will answer all your questions.Shravan is over here only,We are in my car going to the restaurant,I met Sumo on the way
Riya:Oh!Bye I need to shop and meet you.
Riya doesn’t let Dev speak and cuts the call.

Meanwhile Shravan and Akshay convo;
Shravan:Hey dude!
Akshay:I proposed Riya
Akshay:Why aren’t you happy?You dont like riya?Do you?
Shravan:Riya is completely fine,It is just that I messed up with Sumo
Akshay:You relax ,Bye
Shravan :Bye

Upon hearing Sumo from Shravan’s mouth she passes an angry glare to Shravan who doesnt see it but DEV sees it.
HE smiles and thinks they both are made for eo and he will talk to her….

Dev:We have reached,Also bye
Dev:I need to prepare a speech so I need time and I am booked for your Sona Bhabhi for dinner.
Shravan breathes a sigh of relief to know that he is already commited
Sumo laughs:When and where will you meet me next?
Dev:Tomorrow dinner at taj
Dev:Do join us and call Rishay
Shravan:My pleasure
Sumo is slightly upset on knowing that Shravan will be there buts puts a fake smile on.
Sumo:Shravan,I think which we should leave,we are late
SUmo hugs Dev and Shraman go inside the restaurant.
Dev leaves for his hotel.

Precap:Devman shock

sorry for the short update,but I am extremely tired.
I will post the next part by Monday

lots of Love ,

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