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Episode 29
Kunj finally comes back to India he is elated to his family with him but he was scared what if unknowingly he hurt his family because he did not gain full control over his attraction toward blood hence he was scared
K: dad why did u call me is smthng serious
M: kunj it has been 4 yrs we saw u n u do not even bother to call us
U: r u sooooo angry with us
These words raised the guilt more more in kunj

K: its nothing like that maa plsss don’t be sorry m tried shall I go to my room
The following days also kunj did not spend time with his family properly
This made manohar n usha tensed they decided to talk to abhishiek n sneha about kunj [do u all remember them ?? They r abhays mom n dad they r alive now as it is the past]Here same was with tanejas
After that forest incident twinkle also did not spend much time with her family she started even behaving weirdly and whenever she looked at that scratch she turned pale
Leela n Rt couldn’t figure out what is wrong with her they were also tensed noticing the change in twinkles behavior
After some days neither kunj’s behavior changed nor twinkles n the tension in both the families they were equally tensed for their kids but were helpless they couldn’t do anything
One full moon night day it was night

That day twinkle felt very very weird don’t know what the feeling was but she was scratching her body the whole day and that scratch area was too irritating she did not understand what is wrong with her
In the evening
Twinkle just walked yo her room slammed the door n just kept thinking about the encounter day with werewolves she dosnt know what creatures were those n did not even have a single idea about them this maked her more n more tensed
She refused to have dinner n just slept with the window open in her room some restlessness she tried a lot to sleep but all in vain at last after a long struggle she slept

suddenly twinkle felt a lot of irritation on her skin she woke up with a jerk she did not understand what was going on she went to window as soon as she saw the full moon shining brightly through the dark sky hair started growing on her body seeing this twinkle was left startled
She did not understand even a single thing which was going on she was just standing still and her body no longer remained like a human it turned completely into a were wolf body but she has no idea about it she was almost 6-7 feet tall and then she slowly walked towards the mirror she was shocked to see her own self
Her blue eyes with a wolf face and full of hair in her body hackles raised n tail n her height she realised that she exactly resembled the creatures she saw in the forests she started growling in sadness n she didn’t knew what to do n just slept on the ground like a lifeless body……
Next day morning when she woke up she was back to her normal human state this left her more shocked ……

To be continued……

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