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Hiiiiiii guys I know I’m late but told u all know I’m not well sooooo n I did not get a good response for the last episode r u all not liking it let’s see

Episode 28
4 years passed by and mean while kunj was almost adjusted himself to the vampire lifestyle not adjusting himself he forced himself as he don’t have any other option he hated himself the most he hated himself for going into the forest he hated himself for being a vampire as a result of his stupid act of going into the forest n turning into a vampire he hated him the most never mingled with anyone
He moved to Alaska from London and rarely he spoke to his family. They thought kunj is doing so because they sent kunj abroad for higher studies against his own will
In these 4 years not even a single day went without kunj not searching remedies to get back his life i.e..turning into a human
Meanwhile in India a girl is shown sleeping peacefully when a lady calls out
L: twinkle utt jaa puttar u have to go to ur collage trip right won’t you get ready other wise they’ll leave u n go


T: oh noooo I forgot !!!!! Maaaaaa plssss gety things packed I’m late yarrrrr
Saying that she stands on her bed and jumps
Lady is shown n she is leela
L: aisa kudhne se kuch nahi hoga u get ready I got ur things packed
Twinkle stopped jumping
She looks at leela
She shouts
T: maaaaaaaaa ur the best kaise jante hoo aap mere baare mei ur the best maaaaaaa I love u [actually I do the same thing?]L: because I’m your maaaa n I know everything about u okkkk chaloooo get ready now
T: okkkkkkk

Twinkle gets ready and leaves to her trip
Her trip was to forests a biology trip n her bestie chinki is her partner both of them go to search the plants of the species told by their lecturer
It was almost evening everyone collected the photos related to their project n came while twinki also did the same n while they were returning chinkis thermo flask fell down the sloppy area of her forest it was very close to chinki as it was the last mark of her parents
C: ohhhhh nooooo
She was bit weeping

T: I’ll get it u wait
C: nooooo its okkklk its evening n this area is scary we will return
T: arre aise kaise I’ll get it u wait
Twinkle slowly went down the slope but her she accidentally placed her foot on a stone n slipped a she slides down the slope and falls in front of a cave she was unconscious
Chinki called out her name many times but she didn’t get any response
She gets scared n she goes to lecturer to inform everything
Meanwhile twinkle regained her consciousness n found the flask while she was returning she heard howls n growls of wolf n she got scared but saw the caves in front of her she decided to hide there so she goes inside

It was werewolves caves but she didn’t knew n she was hiding while she was hiding with a tensed face while werewolves returned twinkle saw them and tried running from there but for a minute seeing their huge massive bodies n wolf face she was glued to her place then came back to her senses n tried running but a werewolf tried catching her though werewolves have no thought of hurting her but twinkle didn’t knew this n she started running while werewolf was trying to catch in that process she got a scratch from werewolf but she had no idea what were those creatures and did not even looked at her scratch but kept on running n running
Here all the team members were searching her she met them they saw her condition – she was hell tensed n scared so no one decided to ask anything rather tool her to the bus made her drink water
She drank the water then lecturer asked her what happened she told them that she slipped down the slope n got some hurt here n there nothing more than that she gave the flask to chinki chinki saw the scratch n asked her

T: kuch nahi I told u naaa I slipped n fell down sooooo its a result of that don’t worry
Chinki hugs her and thanks her
T: chuppp no sorry n no thanq okkk yeah!!
C: yeah
Both of them sit n bus starts twinkle sits near the window n she closed her eyes n thought what all happened with her in last 2 hours
As she thought of werewolf she got scared again n was sweating badly n she also realised that the scratch on her hand was from werewolf
This made her more tensed she did not understand what was going on but when ever she thought about the situation her face turned pale

After a few days ……

Manohar called kunj and asked him urgently to come to India he have to discuss something serious matter kunj
Kunj resisted a lot bit manohar requested him this made kunj melt but he still didn’t want to face them but he had to
Here twinkle was trying her best to get back to her normal life buttttt something did not allow that scratch on her hand whatever treatment she took but that did not disappear this made twinkle more tensed

Guys how was it ???? 1 question do you all want me to continue to the past or want to come back to present ?? Then continue past afterwards plssss tell me because I’m not getting enough response plsss comment guys as it is my main support system okk I’ll try to be early cahaloooo

Love u all

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