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REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You EPISODE 27 {happy b’day shruti dii}

Helloooooooooo hiiiiiiiiiii vannakam namaste how r u all
First of all a biggggg 2 sorries first one for making u all wait trust me I was tooooooooo lazy mai bhi insaan hoo yaar n one kyun ki vo os horror wali bohut daara diya na aapko n phir bhi I got a good response???? like seriously hahaha
And vo dusri wali horror os abhi mera maan mei bake hoo raha hai delivery iss Sunday ho jayega aur ek cake tho bake ho gayi pata hai kyun arre yaar aaj shruti dii ki b’day haii soooooo vo ab cake kaategi chaloo song gaathe hai come on
Happy b’day to u
Happy b’day to u

Happy b’day yo dear shruti dii happy b’day to u !!!! I’m soooo sorry diii mei party lene nahi aasakti kyun ki ticket nahi mila abb WT tho nahi aasakthi naa so sorry par gift yahan se bhej rahi hoon tell me how is it n I know bohut bak bak kar diya naa ab episode shuru nahi karoonga I’m sure ull take hockey sticks n come to Hyderabad mera band bajane ke liye okkkkk so should we start??? Okkkk relax

Episode 27
Before 6 years kunj was around 15 years
K: maa papa plssss I don’t want to go to London plsss I can’t even celebrate my 16th b’day with u all plsss I won’t go I’ll study in India only n I promise that I won’t trouble u all plssss
Manohar: kunj plss u also try n understand its for ur better future n ur going that’s all no more discussions
Kunj was very sad that he had to leave his family he tried to convince them about being in India n studying but no one agreed Had to leave to London
Abhay ,UV,usha,bebe every one were sad
He reached London

There he befriended a girl named shruti
He shared everything with her they became good friends
One day
K: shruti shruti where r u yaar plsss come out naa today is my b’day my 16th b’day n without wishing me ur hiding plsss yrrrr mat satoo mujhe
He was sad as his family was not here to celebrate his b’day n shruti was also not there he sat on the bench
Suddenly shruti closed his eyes but she felt some water on her palm she immediately came front of kunj he was crying
S: kunj ur crying
K: u no na how much I miss my family n here ur my only family now u also
S: kunjjj r u a kid ur 10th now n behaving as if a small kid yaaa its not ur mistake ur born today only n newly born babies cry a lot hahahahahehehe kunj look at ur face u became monkey from cry baby that too red wala kunj hahahahehehe
K: shruti ki baachi aaj mera b’day hai aur tu nee mujhe rulaya
They have a good chase n kunj smirks
He removes a big chocolate n stuff that in shrutis mouth (sorry dii aapko bohut sataa rahi hoon)
After stuffing
K: hahahaahehehe
S: uuuuuaaaaeeeee
She was not able to speak anything because of choclate
K : (controlling his laughter)ab pata kaun bandhar lag raha hai
They both cut the cake kunj also spoke to his family n celebrated his b’day

Kunj was sleeping when he felt some shadow passing through the window
He wakes up n goes out
He sees nothing there and while going in he turns back n see some shadow he was sleepy n he followed that shadow he did not notice that he was going into a forest
After going into the forest he suddenly realised what n where he was going
He was hell scared seeing the surroundings many animal sounds scared him more more
He heard some sounds of foot steps he was hell scared
Then a vampire came kunj fainted at the moment then after some time he came back to his senses still the vampire was in front of him
That vampire was very hungry he wanted to drink fresh blood and when kunj woke up vampire teeth was watering
K: plssss mujhe chodo plsss
But there was no one around to save him that vampire bit on kunjs neck
Kunj fainted

@Next morning
Kunj woke up due to sunlight whole night incident flashed in front of his eyes
He was shocked he went back to his room in the school it was not fat away
Kunj went to his room while coming back whenever sunlight touched his body that part skin was burning and was paining immensely
He looked at himself in the mirror
He observed two holes on his neck n one symbol on his hand
He knew a bit about vamps but he was not sure he ran to library
Meanwhile shruti met him
S: hey kunj yeah kya??

K: kya kya?
S: tum apne aap ko aisa cover kar rahe ho its looking as if u wrapped 2-3 blankets around u remove all this jacket
K: plsss shruti not now I’ll be back
Shruti was wondered what is wrong with kunj
Kunj went to their school library
He referred all the vamp books n he was shocked
It was written that if a vampire touch anyone there would be a symbol on their skin for 24 hours
He compared that symbol with his symbol and it matched
Then it was written that newly formed vamps slowly develop allergy to sun that is they feel that their skin is burning then he remembers about his burning when his skin was exposed to sun
Then read slowly they become completely allergic to sun hence they keep themselves covered
Then he read that when they sense something wrong or in anger or when they r in depressed or when they see blood their eyes turn red
Then coming to fangs they develop after 6 months of being bit by a vamp
All these symptoms almost matched to kunjs behavior
He ran to his room

He went to his room anger, depression all the emotions were coming at the same time he did not understand how to react he was too small to accept to all the pressure he didn’t knew what to do
He cried very badly his cheeks became red he cursed himself for going into forest he looked at his face he was hell shocked
His eyes were red this confirmed that he was a vampire n also the pain in him grew more n more
He didn’t knew what to do????
So how was it ???? Matlab was it good??

Waise want precap??

PRECAP: then how did twinkle turn into a werewolf ????
If u all r not liking it plsss do tell me where is the problem I’ll try to change
Okkkkk bohut pakadiya naaa okkk I promise I’ll be regular n next episode tmrw okkkkk
Chalooo byeeeee
Love u all
See you all ??

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