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REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You EPISODE 25 [silver jubilee]

I’m back u make u all mad sounds funny
But first only I’m warning u all I’m out of control today okkkk
Now as u all know its my silver jubilee n along with that I told u all that I’ll post it when my sissy is fine n guess what she’s completely alright n is distarched from the hospital and we already had a world war also so yeah triple not double b yesterday 4th Sept was my bros b’day though we did not celebrate b’day tho b’day hai naaaa
Sooooooooooooo ull want a treat soooooo the treat is twinj confession as well as a longer episode but along with that a longer bak bak

My sister would not have been fine without ur support today she’s back b fighting with me and in that u all also had a big role to play
U all gave me strength to support my mom dad n prayed for her and how much ever I thank u all for this it will be less u all gave my drama queen back to me u all don’t go to dilemma I’m same thanmy here okkkkk thoda sa senti hogayi basss okkkkkkk now coming to my silver jubilee its totally a different feeling its like I posted my 1 episode yesterday u just can’t believe that me this stupid bhuddu completed 25 episodes!!!!! And I have many things to share hope u all don’t mind it!!!! First I was a bigggggg fan of ky2 and I was mad for each n every episodes n used to love part samthaan a lot then in ky2 TU I really don’t remember that ff name it was something something a new beginning smthng u was soooooo attracted to it I read each n every episode then I realized that it was written by a fan then coming to tei it was because of UV in tei when I saw the first promo of tei I saw UV and was shocked as he was abhimanyu in ky2 he was such a sweet character ok coming back tei I saw it from kunj jumping in swimming pool that too because of my sister she used to love sidhant sooooooo much And mee I just used to hate him I used to tease my sister sayind that see ur hero came I just used to hate his face (don’t be miffed with me )and today I’m a bigger fan of him than my sister I don’t know how???? And when he quit tei I was continuously crying for 2-3 days and my sister was like r u mad?? And when I saw him in jdj his performance I was smiling continuously like an insane in front of my mom and in between after his performance I went to my room and was jumping like a mad girl almost for 5 mins and now okkkkkk bring back smile on ur faces I have a lot to tell but if I don’t start the episode now ull will bang me just kidding I know u all r very good ppl so lets start


Twinkle POV
What if kunj doesn’t love me??? I mean the way he behaved with ria and marriage thing first I’ll confirm (pehela kunj abb yea) twinkle calls him in tensed tone
T: plss come at Xyz place kunj
K: nandini kya huva
T: u come
K: okkk
He reaches there n there twinkle was fine
It was cliff area kunj came worried to her
K: r u fine ???
T: yeah absolutely

K: then why did u call me in tensed zone
He was literally in tears
T: simply (without noticing tears in his eyes )
K: r u mad ???? U know my condition in these 20 mins i was so tensed that what might have happened to u and u r saying simply what the hell was this haan (on top of his voice)
Twinkle understood that he too loved her till infinity his tears b eyes conveyed the message
K: u know what ur disgusting
He turns to go away twinkle was about to go near him n lost her balance due to a stone n was about to fall from the cliff
T: kunjjjjjjjjj
He turns back in nick moment he catches her hand and pulls her up with great difficulty and hugs her tightly

Kunj lost his temper
He started scolding her K: what the hell is ur Problem?? Why do you always put ur self in danger and take my life away why r u insane how many times should I tell u every time I won’t be there to save u damn it why don’t u understand how much u mean to me I can’t live without u itni si baat nahi gusti dimaag mein wait if u have a brain tab na ur just impossible agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh
He stopped twinkle in a low voice
T: tumhe kya pharak padta hai?
K: pharak padta hai damn it pharak padta hai because I love u can’t u see it in my eyes
Twinkle was in cloud 9 listening to these words from kunjs mouth
Without wasting a second she came n hugged him tightly she was crying while hugging him
T: I love u tooooo kunj itne din lage tumhe yeh bolne mei I was hurting u because I thought u won’t love me n u didn’t want to lose our friendship aur khud ko hurt karti thi
She was weeping very very badly
K: shhhhh twinkle relax see I’m here I love u stop crying
U know (in filmy way )
twinkle laughed
K: that’s like my siyappa Queen

He shouts
I love u siyappa queen as it was a cliff area it was echoing
Twinkle was feeling so special
K: abb chale 5uuuu7u7
T: wait
She too shouts
I love u tooo Mr.altanero it also echoed…
(I know bohut katara wala confession tha naa meri jalli dimag hai yaar)
In the car twinkle was thinking about confession she was blushing so much that kunj was smiling endlessly seeing her condition
K: plsssss nandini

T: what happen??
K: don’t blush sooooo much (in SRK style of chennai express) mujhse control nahi hoga
T: whatttt
K: joking today 6:00 pm XYZ HOTEL come there don’t forget byeeee
T: whyyy
K: because we reached ur home
T: not that bhuddu why hotel???
K: u come naaa problem hai toh pick kar lunga
T: noooo I’ll come

it was fully decorated a perfect date set up
Kunj was sitting on a table…..
Twinkle arrives seeing her kunj……ki tho
She was sooooooo pretty in pink long frock she was not less than an angel so pretty so cute so beautiful
She saw the decorations and was amazed
Kunj came to her and asked her hand for a dance
They danced for khuda jaane with sweet I locks kunj twirled her lift her twinkles happiness knew no bounds
Kunj came close to her ears n whispered
K: I love u till infinity
Twinkle’s face turned crimson she was not ready to face kunj so she hugged him tightly rose petals fall on them
Twinkle while hugging
T: aur kitna blush kar vavoge ???

K: want to see ur face
But twinkle was not ready to leave him
K: accha OK let’s have dinner
Both of them talk laugh enjoy now they have to go back
Kunj was walking towards twinkle she was moving backward
She was stopped by the wall
T: kunj what r u doing ??
K: what r u expecting??
T: kunjjjjjjj
K: nandiniiiiii
He moves closer hrt heart beat was increasing and yaa butterflies in her stomach kunj came close n kissed her forehead

K: I can’t imagine my life without you plssss don’t leave me
T: never ek baar jo mere paas aaye voh mei kabhi nahi chodti
K: ohhhhh
T: Yessss
K: shall I drop u ????
T: nooooo I’ll manage
K: byeeeee
T: byeeeee
K: sirf byeeee

T: then what more???
K: come one….
Twinkle gives a peck on his left cheeks n runs away
K: twinkleeee
K: babaji yeh ladki kabhi mujhe pagal karke hi chodegi
He also leaves…….

Soooooo how was it??? Did I reach up to ur expectations???
Was it special ??? And confession how was it?

Precap: its a weekend

If u all remember I told u all some thing about weekend in my intro sooooo I want to do a lot of bak bak but I’ll do it in my last episode arre don’t worry still there is a long journey okkkkk
Byee for today
Don’t forget to drop ur comments and I may be a little late in posting the next one have to irritate my sister no just kidding
and yeah wish u all A HAPPY GANESH CHATURTI
love u all
Take care byeeeee

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