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REVENGE vs LOVE I Will Kill You EPISODE 22 & b’day gift to ria dii

Happy birthday to u happy to dear ria diii happy b’ day to u many mor happy returns of the day ria dii if ur reading this and I have a surprise for u at the end n I want my party
Sooo I’m soo sorry for the short episode pucca next one will be long I was bit busy sooo I did not reply to ur comments but today I will reply for both the episodes promise soooo let’s start
Episode 22
It was evening twinj finished their work and kunj decided to drop twinkle at taneja mansion and both of them arrived to taneja mansion…
T: kunj pls come inside as this is the first time to came to my house
Kunj was damn excited bit controlled and said
K: who am I to come to ur house and who He was cut off by twinkle
T: not again OK at least file lene ke liye aahi sakte hoo na
K: oh woh wali file OK
He came inside and saw the house sooooo clean he was astonished
K(himself): yeh ladki kitni aachi se maintain karti hai ghar ko
Then he heard twinkle calling him
T: kunjjjjjj

Kunj saw that and he was shocked
Twinkle was pointing a gun towards her forehead
K: nandiniiii
T: agar tumne mujhe maaf nahi kiya toh mein aapne aapko shoot kar dungi
Kunj got scared he was not able to utter a word his first love and she was
T: kunjjj answer
K: okkk I was not at all angry with u mujhe pata hai ki Maine hi tumhe irritate karne ke liye kiya I’m sooooo sorry keep the gun down plsssss
T: okkkk thank u….I’m sorry kunj once again
Soon after she put the gun he came to her and hugged her very tightly soooo tightly she was not able to breathe anyhow she managed and hugged him back both of them hugged eo for 10 minutes kunj was not ready to leave her
After 10 mins they parted them selves and
K: nandiniii yeh kya tha agar tumhe kuch hota tho mera kya hoga tumhe idea bhi hai idiot
T: toh Maine kaha tum he irritate karne liye
K: toh Maine kaha tumhe mujhe uss tarah baat karne ki liye??
Both of them continued their fight then
K: okkkk I give uppp
t: Punjabi pataka kabhi haar nahi manti
Both of them laugh and
K: okkk i’ll leave
T: byeeee


K: vaise saach mein apne aapko shoot karne wali thi kya??
T: bilkul nahi mein kyun shoot karungi voh toh duplicate tha aur tum fool bangaye hahahaha?
K:Ek aur mazak seriously !!!
T: tumne bhi mujhe irritate kiya naaa
K: ur just impossible
T: yeahhh
K: byeeee
T : bye
Kunj leave he went to sarna mansion and in him room
Kunj was thinking about twinkle and big smile appeared on his face and then
Mahi: ohoooo mere dever ke face pe itna bada smile baat kya hai???
K: kuch nahi
M: reallyyyy
K: bhabi plsss
Mahi : UV ne sab kuch pata diyaa haiii
K: I love her bhabi I love her to infinity
M: I’m with u kunj gooo for itt
K: thanq bhabi
Next day at office
Twinj were working in kunjs cabin when his assistant tia comes
Tia: sir today u have a meeting with RIA INDUSTRIES at ABC hotel
K: ohhh with riaa
Tia: yes sir
K: okkkkk

Tia leaves
T: who is riaaa kunj??
K: ohhh ria she is my bestie I know we r going for a meeting and she is a very nice girl she is blah blah
He was going on and twinkle was feeling jealous
K: and u know nandini she is such a good writer if u read her stories u will also accept she writes sooo well that anyone will fall for her writings
T: ohhhhhh okkk so today evening at what time kunj??
K: agar ria ke saath yeh deal final hogayi naa toh it will be profit for both of our companies
T: okkkk c u at 7:00 in the hotel byeee she left fuming in anger
K: this is the perfect time to know about ur feelings twinkle…

PRECAP: kunj meeting ria

So how was the episode I know it was short plssss maaf kardo and I’m really in a hurry okk
Byee don’t forget to comment and promise I will post next one long pucca
And ria diii how was the surprise if u read this then plss try to comment
Love u all

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