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Rettai vaal kuruvi epi-42

The episode starts with Bala comes to his house and keeps his mobile aside and keeps his hand on sofa and recalls romantic moments with nila on sand and smiles..Dariya song plays background..Nila comes to his room and checks out calendar and smiles,,nila calls raghavendra and shows date..after 14 days it is my marriage..he tells yes..where we can keep??She tells in temple..he asks what?she tells it should be short and sweet..he tells no..if so i won’t speak with u..nila tells ok ok as u wish..Raghvendra smiles and tells i have ordered a dress for u in online.Nila asks how did u know to operate internet?He smiles..She asks who teached u?Arjun and yamini comes there..Nila gets teary eyes..she runs and hugs them.Raghavendra tells they did not die but foreign country kept them as slaves and they left some days before..Nila hugs yamini and asks how is she?yamini asks u remember me still??Nila asks what do u think about me?she beats her.

Yamini tells ok ok and makes nila sit and they both have long conversation..arjun goes to market raghavendra gets busy in booking tickets for honey moon..Yamini gets a call and she leaves outside.Nila sits in hall..Bala calls her.she takes mobile and asks who is the one called?bala tells my name is balamurugan..nila smiles


Shaad enters the house as courier boy..Nila watches this and asks who is he?shaad tells about courier..she takes the parcel and pays money..shaad eyes her lovingly..he comes closer..she turns and does not find him..he leaves from there with a evil smiley..bala asks for a kiss..nila refuses..she opens the packet and sees the dress..Shaad opens his lap and sees nila face..he smiles..He recalls fixing minute camera in dress..he tells with this it will be easy for me to know all info about their marriage and all the things etc,…

He smiles evilly..she gives kiss to bala..Shaad gets angry..he tells i need to kill bala..then only i can get nila

Precap: Shaad evil plan..will bala escape??

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