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Request for Love Episode 2

Thanks for all the comments.  Let’s move on to the storyline.

In the night
In Swayam’s house there was a nightstay party. So her friends  have came.

Swayam : Hey guys!  First of all what you want to do ?

Tulip : Let’s dance

Anwesha : Let’s see a movie.

Amiya : No, we’ll listen to music.

Shreya : I think we should play a game like passing the parcel or dumsharat or…….. Antakshari?

Swayam : I agree with all of you . First we’ll dance, then listen to music, then we’ll play and at last watch a movie .

Tulip : Good Idea!

Amiya : But guys !

Anwesha :  Ya !

Amiya : We’ll play truth and dare only.

Swayam : Ok baby! (Kisses amiya )

They dance and listen to music . Now they were playing truth and dare. Swayam got out first and she choosed truth.

Tulip :  Ok then , how do you feel about Sat…..

Swayam : Sorry !What was the question?

Tulip : Ok then , how do you feel about Satyapriya?

Swayam : Honestly speaking he’s a brat ! I seriously hate him .

Next day in school

Teacher : Children,  there’s a dance test . So get ready to go to your partner.

Swayam : But, mam will we not choose our own partners ?

Teacher :This year school will choose .

All the students :Oh no !

Teacher:Silent,  the pairs are as follows
Tulip & Vivek
Shreya & Ritesh
Anwesha &Sudeepta.
 Amiya & Satyam.(new entry. He is Satyapriya’s friend )
And Swayam and Satyapriya.
Give a round of applause.

Swayam : But mam, i don’t want to be his partner

Satyapriya : yes mam

Teacher : Its decided.After two weeks the test will be held . Get ready. 1st test of 3 rounds will be of girls . 2nd test of 3 rounds will be of boys and third test is couple dance which is of 5 rounds.

In the recess

Swayam : Yaar! I’m I’ll get D grade with his Satyapriya. Huh!

Shreya: Don’t worry!

Then Satyapriya comes.

Satyapriya : Oh ! Madam , will you come with me to discuss about our performance.

Swayam : Let’s go.

After the school was over they all go to their respective houses except Satyapriya. He was in Swayam’s house for rehearsals. 

Satyapriya : Which dance form you will perform in the first round  ?

Swayam : I think I’ll perform aerial in the first round. Waltz in the second round and kathak in third round .

Satyapriya : Good choice ! I’ll help you .

In Shreya’s house

Ritesh : What will you do?

Shreya: Belly dancing, bunny hop and cat daddy

In Anwesha ‘s  house

Sudeepta : Dance forms?

Anwesha :  Mohiniattam,kathakali and free style .

In Amiya’s house

Amiya : I’m going to do contemporary,  afrojazz and street style .

In Tulip’s house

Vivek :What you gonna do ?

Tulip : Garba, Pole dance and molly dance .

The scoring sheet of first test (full mark was 30)
             1st round. 2nd round. 3rd round.
Swayam   27.            28.               30

Shreya.    20.            24.               28

Anwesha  24.             29.               21

Amiya.     26.             18.               20

Tulip.       18.             22.               20

Precap : Moments between all the friends.

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