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Rectify: manmarziyan Shanti Devi diary and Radha story

I hate her, that good for nothing sister of mine, always the perfect one, my parent like to compare us, Shanti Devi why can’t you be like Radha, blah, blah, blah, like I want to be like her, please, I don’t have a heart, I hate them all and want them dead.

My dad works in the confectionary and guess what he named his shop, that’s right Radha Sweet, my older sister’s name do you see my name, no, I tell you they don’t love me, that’s fine with me because I don’t love them.


They are always comparing her with me, don’t they know by doing this I am hating them more. You know what made me more angry, I had feeling for Raj but he was in love with Radha. One day Raj’s parent came over to ask my parent for Radha marriage with there son Raj, that was it they were taking the love of my life away from me, if I don’t do anything I’ll lose him forever.

I know this person who does human trafficking his name is Raghu, I once saved him from the police, so he owes me. I told him to sell my sister to any of your customers, I want her name tarnished and ruined so that the Oberoi take me as there daughter in law.

I set my plan in motion, they are going to kill my parents and take Radha with them, while I’ll go to the disco and party all night. Well when I came back the house was set on fire, so I started pretend crying, but this is where my plan backfire Radha was alive and she was with Raj, they were successful for killing my parents but still I want my sister ruined at any cost.

We started living with the Oberoi, Raj’s parents want them to get married in 2 weeks, I got angry, no way am I going to lose Raj, I made a plan to take Radha for shopping and that way Raghu’s men could take her away, but Raj wanted to come, he never leaves Radha alone, I need her alone so the plan could work and I need to do it fast before I lose Raj.

My third plan was to have a girls night out, I ask Raj’s mother and she said yes, I told Raj you can’t come because its girl night out, so I took my sister to the junction disco, I gave her juice which was mix with drugs, she drunk it and fell asleep, I thought finally my plan work but no, my sister’s best friend came over and saw that Radha was not feeling good, so she took her to her house and called Raj to say that Radha was staying with her. I was so angry my plan was always backfiring, I was so desperate to get rid of her, I was making plans to kill her if that is the only way to get rid of her from Raj life.

It was time for the wedding, I made a call to my sister that my life was in danger, I gave her the direction, she came, all worried for me she gave me a hug and I took that chance to stab her, she was shocked, I told her everything how I plan to kill the parents and what I was planning to do to her, I also told her that I love Raj and that is why she had to die. She said if you had told me you love Raj she would have backed out but seeing how evil you are, Raj would never love you he has good heart. I told her I will make him fall in love either by force. She said when Raj finds out that I’m no more he will kill himself. And when we take our second birth I will marry him and take my revenge on you. I laughed at her and said when you die there’s no coming back, goodbye sister mommy and daddy are waiting for you at heaven, I stab her again and again finally she’s dead, I give the knife to Raghu so he could disappear it.

I come at the back door and go to Radha room to change in her bridal gown, I look at Raj’s picture, everything is fare in love and war, when we get married you will be all mine and this time you can’t escape.

I hid myself well with the veil and got married with Raj, when we were alone I take my veil off and say you are only my Raj, looking at him with lust. But when he revealed his face, I was shocked, I didn’t marry Raj but his half brother Sudesh Oberoi, I ask him what did you do with Raj, he said Radha called him to say she was going to save you from the bad guys, he went to look for Radha and ask me to cover for him, how come your here and Radha and Raj not. Then there was commotion outside, there was two bodies one was Radha and the other was Raj. The police said they have captured Raghu for Radha’s murder and that Raj shot himself saying he couldn’t live without Radha. The parents were devastated they lost there son and had to cremate him beside Radha. Shanti Devi was angry again her sister win by taking Raj with her.

Though Raj mother was not Sudesh mother she still thought Sudesh will be the heir of the Oberoi empire, Shanti stayed married to him for money and gave him two children Suraj and Neeraj, she also knew that her husband was one of the customer in Raghu trafficking, she uses that against him so that he doesn’t leave me.

12 year ago Sudesh died and left all the business empire to me and I also help run Trafficking for Rughu getting young girl drugged and selling them to customers.

I will always love Raj and I will alway hate Radha. But today I am happy I have everything power and money and my sister can’t do anything about…..

Radha story

Radha was at the heaven watch how evil her sister had gotten, she ask the almighty god is there a way to stop her, the god ask what if you had second chance in life, what would you do. I told him I want to save all the girls from this trafficking.

I have watched all the disaster she has done, her son raping his own daughter, making Niki watch her daughter get rape while Shanti lets it happen, I also watch how Maya/Mala has escaped and living happily with Dilip.

God said its time for you to return to earth, he said Raj is already on earth it was time for me to have a second chance in life, I ask him will I remember my first birth, he said I will be dreaming about my first birth so that I remember what I have to do at earth.

I was happy and said to myself get ready sister I’m coming for revenge…..

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