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Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 6)

Chapter 6 – A Bittersweet Moment!

Ajabgarh Border-Rana Bhanu , his sons and their army was having a tough time dealing with the Afgans , they had set two villages on fire , it was no doubt , a complete mess , they had to save innocent lives as well as deal with the Afgans n of course it was a part of their plan , to create a mess and confuse Rana Bhanu and his troops.
Rana Bhanu was finally loosing hope. “We , Rajputs are people of pride and honor , you all say , Slavery or Death With Honor?” he addressed his troops with a thunderous voice “DEATH WITH HONOR !DEATH WITH HONOR!” the soldiers replied as an uproar . Rana Bhanu sighed , suddenly a solider approached him panting “Hukum , king Nasirudeen is here with his troops!” Bhanu’s face lit up , everyone cheered and got back into the battle with enthusiasm , but this time , they were not alone.
But the Afgans were no less , they had sent a small troop to capture the Ajabgarh fort and the palace within , and of course , women there. But , unfortunately , Rana Bhanu and Nasir , had no clue about that.


Ajabgarh fort – The Afgans had launched a surprise attack on the Ajabgarh Fort , all the women and children were taken safely to the top of the fort , away from the Afgan’s reach ….but until they would capture the fort. Fatimah entered her mother’s chamber with a dash “Maa , why are you here , it’s not safe.” she asked panicking , Anujabai cupped Fatimah’s face and replied “Be prepared for …Jauhar (A ritual , carried out by the royal women in olden days to save their dignity by killing themselves by jumping into fire usually)” Fatimah was stunned , she knew wahat , that meant , she was loosing hope , she squeezed her hand “We’ll fight , I’ll fight till my last breath , everything would be fine , and if everything does not go as per my wish , as per our wish ….. then I’ll willingly perform jauhar!Now go , I want everyone to be safe and sound.” she said in a determined voice .

Fatimah’s POV-

I have to tackle this , we have to , the Afgans were trying to enter the fort , well , I had to take charge and so , I did , went out of the palace , to lead the soldiers , and our swords clashed with those of Afgans , how dare they lay their eyes on my land. I was , of course a skilled warrior and was capable of giving a tough fight to 10 men at a time and that too ,all alone , well , they better be taught a lesson. While I was dealing with some Afgans , I felt a sword giving a deep cut on my back , of course one of those Afgans , they could only attack from back , I stubled for a moment but soon , regained my balance , I was a tough to break warrior princess and in one go , turned around and sit his neck , we made it , the troops of Afgans were loosing , not bothering about my back injury and he blood continuously oozing out , I resumed to fighting. I had lost enough energy , all the Afgans who had attacked were dead , I was stumbling by then , sweating profusely , yet a victorious smirk played on my face . I ordered one of the guards to tell everyone inside that we are safe . Just then I saw torches approaching the fort , having a closer view , I could spot Pitaji . We won! Forgetting all my pain and exhaustion , I almost ran up to him at the entrance and ordered the gates to be opened.
(End Of pov)

As the gates opened for Rana Bhanu and his troops , wide and satisfying smile spread on Fatimah’s face. But the next moment it faded away. Beside her father , was standing the man she hated the most since 5 years , with a victorious smirk . That was enough for her ,She looked at her father questioningly who indeed had a sorry look on his face. She didn’t realise that Nasir had stared to approach her until , he was standing in front of her eyes. He frowned seeing her condition . Fatimah couldn’t react , and all of a sudden , everything went black , all she could hear was his voice “ See what have you done to yourself.” before she was engulfed into a pool of darkness , she had lost enough blood.

Precap – Fatimah gains back conciousness , Nasir comes to see her wounds

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