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“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 26

Next Morning –
Everyony is on dining table to have breakfast. Sona comes.
Sona to Ish – Aunty aap kisi pandit ko bula dengi kya ?
Ish – haan, bula to lungi, par kisliye?
Sona – wo….wo… kuch kaam hai.
Ish – wahi to pooch rahi hoon… koi pooja karwani hai kya ?
Sona – nahi aunty ji… shadi karni hai..
Ish – kiseeeeeeeee???
Sona – mujhe….. Yash se…..

Everybody is hell shocked. All stare at Sona as she is an alian. Nobody understood what she said just now. Dev is shattered after listening this. Yash is on silent mode. By saying this Sona left immidiately coz she is not able to answer their questions..


As Sona left, Dev holds Yash’s collar.
Dev(angrily) – ye sab kya hai Yash? Kya kiya tumne jo Sona shadi ke liye keh rahi hai? Tumne use force kiya kya? Tumne hi Sona ko shadi ke liye majboor kiya hoga?
Yash(slowly) – Nahi Dev… maine kuch nahi kiya… na hi maine Sona ko shadi ke liye bola… kal raat ko wo khud mere paas aayi aur boli ki use mujhse shadi karni hai… main to khud shocked ho gaya uski baat suna kar.

By the time Nikki silently goes to Sona’s room to inquire.
Nikki – Bhabhi, ye sab kya hai?
Sona – kya…
Nikki – shadi aur kya?
Sona(sadly) – ek na ek din to mujhe Yash se shadi karni hi thi na…. to aaj hi kyun nahi?
Nikki – yash ne aapko aisa karne ke liye force kiya na?
Sona – nahi… yash ne kuch nahi kaha.
Nikki – phir…


Sona – maine hi yash se kaha ki ab humen shadi kar leni chahiye aur is ghar se chale jana chahiye.
Nikki(again shocked) – kyaaaaaaaa?????? Par kyunnnn?????
Sona(fake smile) – ye humara ghar nahi hai na Nikki…. Kab tak kisi dusre ke ghar mein rahenge…??? Kabhi na kabhi to jana hi hoga humen yahan se…
Nikki(starts crying) – aap yahan se kahin nahi jaaogi… aur kisne kaha ki ye dusre ka ghar ka ghar hai… ye aapka ghar hai… bahu ho aap is ghar ki…..
Sona(shocked) – aap sab ka dil itna bada hai ki aap sb logon ne Yash aur mujhe humesha family ka member hi samjha hai… par hum baat ka fayda to nahi utha sakte na… bas aaj sham ko hum shadi kar ke yahan se chale jayenge.

Nikki – but bhabhi…..
Sona – plz Nikki… mujhse aur kuch mat kaho.
Nikki left crying. Sona sits silently completely lost. Suddenly she faints and falls. After sometime Elena comes into the room and shouts Sonaaaaaaaaa. All come there and see Sona. Dev picks her in his arms and rushes to the hospital. Doctor does the check up and tells that she fainted due to stress. Dev gets worried and Yash too. (this time Yash is really concerned for Sona). Doctor advice them to take proper care of Sona and ask them not to give her tension.

Just then Sona gains conscious and finds herself in hospital. She asks to go home as it is her marriage today. All try to explain that she should take proper rest first but she is not ready to listen. Finally Dev speaks up.

Dev(teary eyes) – koi Sona ko pareshan nahi karega… hum use ghar le kar ja rahe hain… aa uski shadi hai Yash ke sath.
All are super shocked along with Yash… yes, yash is too shocked.
There is so much pain in Dev’s voice that no one dares argu. Every body backs off. They all come home.

Dixit House –
Marriage preparations are going on. Dev is doing all the arrangements for Sona’s wedding. Nobody can even imagin how he is feeling from inside. But love needs sacrifices and he does not want to loose his Sona… as doctor already said that any stress would be harmful for Sona and today only she fainted due to stress. Dev can do anything for HIS SONA… thatsy he is doing all this with red eyes and cring heart. He wants to scream loudy and wants cry bitterly but he cant. All his family is not able to to see him like this. They all are against this so called marriage but it was Dev only who make them agree for this.

Ish – Dev.. ye kya kar raha hai tu ?
Dev – main wahi kar raha hoon maa… jo meri Sona ke liye sahi hai.
Asha – Par… Sona ki shadi kisi aur se……… patni hai wo tumhari…….
Dev – patni hai… ye mujhe pata hai…aap sab ko pata hai.par Sona ko to nahi yaad na…. uski is halat ka zimmedaar main hi hoon…

Nikki – reh paoge aap bhabhi ke bina…
Dev(tears come out) – agar Sona ko kuch ho gaya…… tab to jee bhi nahi paunga.
Ish – main abhi ja kar Sona ko sab kuch sach bata deti hoon…
Ishwari tries to go but Dev hold her hand.

Dev – nahi maa… tu use kuch nahi batayegi… koi bhi use kuch nahi batayega…
Riya – par bhai….
Dev – aaj subah dekha nahi aap sab ne… Sona ki kya halat hui thi… main nahi chahta ki use kuch bhi ho… Pyar ka matlab sirf pana hi nahi hota… main Sona se pyar karta hoon aur humesha karta rahunga… par main Sona ko takleef mein nahi dekh sakta… agar wo khud hi yash se shadi karna chahti hai to yahi sahi…
Ish – tujhe kya lagta hai……. Yash se shadi kar ke wok hush rahegi ?
Dev – main uski khushiyon ka pura khayak rakhunga maa… main use kabhi koi pareshani nahi hone dunga.

By saying this Dev sits on floor completely shatterd.
Asha comes near to Dev nad keeps her hand on his head and he holds it tightly and starts crying.
Dev – main Sona ko aise pareshan nahi dekha sakta maa… maine vaada kiya tha use ki use humesha khush rakhunga… uska pura dhyan rakhunga… par main aisa nahi kar paya… aur agar ab Sona sab kuch bhul chuki hai aur Yash ke sath shadi kar ke khush rehna chahti hai to main uski khushi ke liye ye bhi karunga… aur main aap sab se request karta hoon ki plz aap mera sath do… ye sab karne ke liye mujhe himmat aur takat ki jarurat hogi… ye sab main kaele nahi kar paunga… mujhe aap sabki jarurat hogi………… aap sab mera sath doge na…..???

All are crying but finally agree to Dev.
Asha – meri Sona bahot naseeb wali thi ki use tum mile…
Dev – badnaseeb to main hoon jo ki wo mil kar bhi mujhe nahi mili.
All – hum sab tumhare sath hain Dev/Bhai.
Dev – jab bhi main bikhrne lagun… bas mujhe sambhal lena…
All nod.

(Yash, as always, over hears this senti convo and left with no words.)

Its evening now –
All set for Yash and Sona’s marriage. Sona is getting ready but she is sad… any one can easily notice fake smile on her face… Nikki, Elena & Riya are helping her.

Yash aloes goes into his room for getting ready. After all whatever he wanted.. its becoming true… he loves Sona and now he is going to marry her… after few hours Sona will belongs to him only. But he is not feeling haapy. Yes, he is happy but sometning is missing and he does not know what it is. He starts getting ready.

After some time pandit calls Bride and groom… Nikki, Riya and Elena go to bring Sona and Dev goes to bring Yash.

Sona’s door is locked from inside. Trio knock the door but no body opens.
Dev goes in to Yash’s room. Yash is not there and he searches for him but he is not there. Dev comes out and looks into whole house but Yash is missing, Dev gets worried. Here, Nikki also comes to Dev and tells her that Sona is not opening the door. Dev gets tensed listening this. He is about to go to Sona’s room. He turns and sees Sona coming towards him in bridal attire with tears in her beautiful eyes.

Sona comes to Dev… and Dev….. Dev is tatally lost after seeing he once again in this bridal attire…… he is tatally mesmerized… Just then something happened what no body can imagine…

Sona gives a tight slap to Dev… every body is shocked to see this including Dev… he never expects that Sona would slap her… and then again… it happens… another slap to Dev… It seems like Sona is giving finger print on Dev’s cheeks. Dev does not ask why she is slapping him.

Sona – Do you like me?
Dev(hardly) – no…
Sona – Do you love me?
Dev(turns his face) – No.
Sona comes again in front of him.
Sona – are you happy seeing me getting married with Yash?
(why…Sona…why..??? why are you doing this and making this more difficult for Dev…. He is already dying from inside)
Dev – yes… I am happy… after all finally you are getting married with your love…
Sona – it means… it does not affect you.
Dev – no… and why should I get affected? I am happy for both of you.
Sona – ok.

Sona starts walking and her leg gets twisted and she is about to falllllllll…. But as always two strong arms are there to hold her.
Sona – if you are not affected then you did you hold me? Why did not you let me fall?
Dev with no answer…. It does not mean that he does not have the answer but he cant give.
Sona – maine aaj tak apni life main itna bada idiot… stupid… bewkuf… gadha nahi dekha.

(every body is shocked why Sona is using these adjectives for Dev)
Dev(with much difficulty) – What….?????
Sona(holds Dev’s collar) – how can you silently watch your wife getting married with someone else? How dare you?
Dev – because you want to….
(now only Dev notices the words said by Sona) All are too stunned.
Dev – what you said just now? Who told you? How do you know?
Sona hugs Dev tightly so does Dev but totally confused. They both ary crying but this time these tears are showing their happiness. Both Bose family and Dixit family accompany them. After a short crying session Sona speaks.

Sona – sometime before Yash came into my room. He was looking sad and disturbed. He gave me letter and asked me to read it after he left. I was totally confused. When he left, I opened the letter and I was blank to read this… he wrote every thing… about… “Dev and my marriage… Nikki’s kidnapping… my memory loss… He was getting now every thing but he was not happy… as he heard your talks… he came to know that Dev loves me a lot that Dev can sacrifice his love for my sake… he was broken listening this… he realized his mistake… he did not have the courage to tell me everything so he wrote a letter and left silently.”

All are happy including Dev.

Sona(angrily) – Dev… agar mujhe kuch yaad nahi tha to tumne mujhe yaad kyun nahi dilaya ?
Dev – kese yaad dilate tumhe kuch bhi…….. doctor ne bola tha ki jyada stress lene se tumhe kuch bhi ho sakta hai… aur Sona… main kisi bhi keemat par tumhe khuna nahi chahta tha.
Sona – chahe meri shadi kisi aur se hi karwani pade???
Dev – tumhari khushi ke liye main kuch bhi kar sakta hoon.
Sona(gets emotional) – itna pyar karte ho mujhse ?
Dev – Isse bhi kahin jyada…

By saying this Dev again hugs Sona as if he will never leave her ever.

Nikki(makes puppy face) – ab is shadi ke arrangements ka kya hoga? Ab to shadi cancel ho gayi na…
Sona – kisne kaha shadi cancel ho gayi ???? shadi to hogi…
All looks at her with question mark expression.
Elena – ab kiski shadi hogi Sona ?
Sona – meri……
All – what?????????
Sona – haan meri shadi Dev se…. as you all know I lost my memory and does not remember any thing so I will again get married with Dev.
All get happy and ready for this.
Sona(kneels down) – Dev……….. will you marry me?
Dev – any time…… every time……
Dev picks Sona in his arms and moves towards mandap.

Devakshi get married happily………..

So guys it is the last episode from my side as I don’t have any story in mind to continue it further. But if you people find it ok ok types….. I will try to continue… but plz tell me ki aapko ye kesa laga ????? It was my first ever write ups… and because of you guys I could able to write this till now….so thanks a lot dear……

Agar story pasand nahi aayi to……..I wish ki koi mujhe sade hue tamatar na mare aur agar mare to plz eggs mt maarna as I am pure vegetarian…… else upto you dear……..

Today is the most awaiting day for all of us……. Its DEVAKSHi marriage….. So plz enjooooooooooyyyyyyyyyyyyy dears…………

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