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“Rang Pyar Ka – Again” (Devna), Part – 25

Hey Guys……. How are you ?

Sorry again for being super late. Its 25th part of my Fan Fiction. I am so happy. I never though that I could write till 25th part, Its all because of you guys… thanks a ton for reading my FF and supporting me… I know THANKS is a small word…
Now back to FF –


Recap – Nikki plan something. Sona goes to the party with Nikki.

Nikki and Sona are on the way to party, just then Riya calls nikki and tells something.
Nikki tells sona that meeting is cancelled so now she can also to the party with them. (actually there was no such meeting. This was the plan to bring Sona out of the home).

Dev’s office –
Dev is sitting in office and doing his work, suddenly Elena comes.
Dev – Hey Elena, tum yahan?? Kuch kaam tha kya?
Elena – haan, Dev. Tumhe mere sath chalna hoga.
Dev – kahan?

Elena – baad me bataungi par abhi chalo.
By saying this, she starts dragging Dev.
Dev – areeeeee… ruko… chal raha hoon…. Par Tina ko to inform kar doon.
Elena – Tina ko main already bata chuki hoon… now lets go.
Dev – ok. Ab to bata do ki kahan jana hai?
Elena(smiles) – wait dear.
Dev – ok.

Nikki and Sona picks Riya and reached the venue of party. Its not a birthday party. It’s a Discotheque. Sona is shocked to see this.
Sona – Nikki, what is this?
Nikki – Sorry, bhabhi… hum sabka yahan aane ka bahot mann tha… lekin koi aane hi nahi deta… isiliye jhooth bolna pada.
Sona(angrily) – ye galat hai na.
Riya – haan, bhabhi… par kya karte… sabko lagta hai ki hum abhi tak chote hi hain… koi yahan aane ke liye haan hi nahi kehta.
Sona – par phir bhi tumhe jhooth nahi bolna chahiye tha.

Nikki&Riya(gulty) – sorry, bhabhi.
Sona – ghar chalo wapis.
Riya – bhabhi… plz… bas thodi der yahan rukenge… phir jaldi se ghar chalenge.
Sona – no.
Nikki(pleads) – bhabhi… plz… plz… plzzzzzzzz… maan jaao na… bas thodi si der…
Sona – thiiiiiiiiiiik hai… par bas thodi der.
Nikki(hugs Sona) – ok, bhabhi… I love you.
Sona too smiles.
They go inside.
Nikki(slowly) – Elena kahan reh gayi?
Riya – thoda to wait kar… aati hi hogi.

Outside the Disc –
Elena and Dev arrive.
Dev – ye tum mujhe kahan le aayi?
Elena – tum chalo to sahi.
Dev – par…….
Elena does not want to listen any excuse so he pulls Dev with her to go inside.

Just then Nikki sees them and shouts – wo aa gaye
Sona looks and feels uncomfortable to see Dev. She stares at Nikki. Nikki acts innocent.
Nikki – humne to bas Elena ko humare sath bulaya tha, hume thodi na pata tha ki Bhai bhi Elena ke sath aa jayenge.
Now its Dev’s turn to stare at Elena with raised eyebrow.
Elena – main Dev ke office ke samne se nikal rahi thi to maine socha ki Dev ko bhi sath le aaun. ( so old line)
Dev – ………
Elena – wese bhi Dev apne kaam mein itna busy rehte hain ki ye apni normal life to bhul hi chuke hain.

Nikki – ab to sab aa gaye… so lets NACHOOOOOOO…
Nikki, Riya and Elena leave to dance. Sona & Dev left. Nikki comes ans drags both for dancing. Sona dances with Riya and Nikki. Dev dances with Elens.
Dev – To ye tha tumhara urgent kaam.

Elena – haan.
Dev – iski kya jarurat thi?
Elena – ab tum to kuch kar hi nahi rahe… to humne socha ki hum hi kuch kar lete hain.
Dev – Humne… means ???
Elena – tumhare pyari behne aur main.
Dev(surprised) – Kya???
Elena – haan. Ab KBC khelna band karo aur apni Sona ke sath dance karo.
Dev – tum pagal ho kya?
Elena – haan, par tumse kam.

Elena signs Nikki. And they both make Sona and Dev together for dance. They start dancing. Dev is damn happy but Sona is feeling awkward. Suddenly someone pushes Sona and she is about to fall but Dev holds her and they both share an eyelock. They both lost in each other until some loud music disturbs them. Sona composes herself and leaves. She wants to go home. She left alone for home and directly goes to her room. Dev and all others also come home.
Sona is so much disturbed. She starts feeling for Dev but is not ready to accept as she is already committed to Yash. She never feels like this for Yssh. She is feeling gulty as she thinks that she is deceiving Yash. She thinks that she has no right to think about anyone else other than Yash. She thinks that Yash has done a lot for her till now and what she is doing in return. She is cheating on Yash. She is restless. She continuesly thinks and after sometime decides something.

On the other side Dev is too disturbed with Sona’s behavior. He can feel Sona’s pain but cant do anything.

Its midnight now. Sona goes to Yash’s room. Yash is sleeping. Sona wakes him up and talks to him. Yash is stunned after listening her.

Precap – marriage of Sona and Yash…

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