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Raman turns revengeful by losing Pihu in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

After Adi and Ruhi’s track and Niddhi getting arrested, the show now shifts the track back to Pihu. Raman drinks wine and is in pain. Raman is unable to bear the pain. He is missing Pihu a lot, and recalls her again and again. He calls Pihu and asks her to come and meet him. He cares for Pihu and is angry on Mani, for supporting Shagun. Raman gets revengeful with Mani and tells Mani that he will ruin him. Raman and Mani’s enmity track will start. Raman calls the clients and tells things against Mani to spoil his business.


Raman sees his old videos with Pihu and cries. Raman has turned into the arrogant angry man again. He conceals his pain from the family. Even his office is affected. Raman is not able to control his anger. Aaliya makes a small mistake in office, but Raman gets his anger towards Mani out on Aaliya. Raman is frustrated and shouts on Aaliya. Mihir sends Aaliya out of Raman’s sight and calms down Raman. Adi comes to Raman and defends Aaliya. Will Mani favor Ishita in getting Pihu back? Keep reading.

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