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Ragsan a love story episode 11

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All gets shocked and sees towards the person who slapped him and it turned to ajay …
Sanskar:- ajay…
Ragini closes her eyes in pain and tears started flowing from her eyes..
Ajay runs towards her and hugs immediatedly..
Sanskar:- ajay you dont knew her..
Sanju:- enough bhai..


Ajay bhai knew his sister than you.
Sanskar:- what..
Sanju says to him everything from starting to till now..
Sanskar:- who is that person who said like this to me .
Alok:- who is that..

Sanskar shows rajat from their room.
Alok and sanju says:- unbe livable rajat saxena..
Sanju:- really bhai you dont knew how is he ..
Alok:- he is just a spoil brait ..
He used to be super senior in our colz..

And very dirty mind person he always used to play with otherz emotions..and he tried his well best to ruin ragini life..
Ajay:- then myself i gave him warning to stay away from her otherwise i will send him to god..
Catches sanskar collar and says how dare you to point out about my sister character as if you knew her how is she, and what you said those womens are better right it seems your sister belongs to one of them thats why you guessed my sister also like that.
Sanskar holds his collar and says dont you dare to say any word against my sister without knewing.
Ajay:- the same way you spoke about my sister..

Alok:- sanju your brother is unbelivable i hate those persons who is judgemental about others characters without knewing them.
Ragini composes herself and comes to her brother and says..
Ragini:- leave him bhai he doesnt derserve your anger leave him for my sake.
Ajay leaves his collar immediatedly while sanskar feels guilt by seeing her face which turned into red because of crying..

Ajay holds her by shoulders and says lets goo raguu its our fault to keep you in some strangers house.
Sanju:- ajay bhai plss dont say i am stranger to her plss.
Alok:- why not sanju..you were a stranger to her …you didnt try to speak or explain your brother while he is speaking nonsense..
And my family hate those people who disrespects girls and their respect..i am sry to say i am leaving..

Ajay holds ragini and takes her from their..
Sanju cries while standing their..
While sanskar sees rajat smiling evily seeing ragini leaving with his brother..
He about to go out but sanju stops him and says ..
Sanju:- dont spoil more bhai what ever you did is enough..
I lost my bestfrd , my love and my brother at onces . I cant take more…
She too leaves while sanskar looks on..

Sanskar goes and stands infront of rajat..
Rajat looks on.
Sanskar:- before i broke you into pieces just get out from here..
Rajat :- i am leaving after all my work is completed…
Sanskar finally ends party and goes to his room and lays back on bed and holds his head..
He thinks all his and ragini scene together from their first meeting to coffee incident and he remember his insulting ragini and feels bad.
Here ragini keeps her head on car window and remembers sanskar insulting words towards her and remembers him saying “those women are better than her”
She closes eyes in pain and tears escape from her eyes ajay witness these all he too gets teardy eye.
She keeps her hand on another hand and feels pain.
She checks her hand and sees sanskar finger prints ..
Ragini (in mind):- if bhai finds out this then he will not leave him .
I should cover it from bhai..
And she immediatdly covers her hand..

They both reaches their home.
While ragini about to go ajay stops her and asks her are you ok.
Ragini smiles and hugs him.
Ragini:- you their na bhai i will be fine infact i am fine..

Precap:- sanskar missing ragini.

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