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Ragsan a love story episode 10

Frds i will end this ff very soon later i will start all alone ragini old one and new one too..

One day sanskar threws a party at home offical one..
Ragini tries to espace from that party as few people knew who was she..
Alok family also comes their..
Ragini sees one young man and thinks to him self..
Ragini:- oh my god wat he was doing here if he sees me again he starts his antics of coming close to me..
While trying to escape from him..
she collides with sanju and alok.
Who asks the reason for her nervesness..
She says everything about that young man called rajat..
And says before we say if your bhai comes to knew that i was rich and daughter of madhav kashap and sister of ajay kashap thats it..


Before understanding he will shout on me like i murdered someone..
Sanju:- if my bhai misunderstands you why do you care.. he is non of your business right.
Alok looks on sanju for her statement and while sanju winks at him. He immediatedly understands and says..
Alok:- haa you always says naa he is khadoos dukhan so leave it naa what for you if he misunderstands you..come lets enjoy party and one more thing after this party my family is going ask sanju and my marriage..
sanju blushes while ragini teases her..
This all was lisened by rajat he thinks something and smriks evily….
Alok family comes and wishes sanskar..
Sanskar too wishes them.
They say that they want sanju hand for alok.
Sanskar was happy but asks time so that he can knew sanju answer..

Here sankar turns and finds ragini dancing with alok and teasing sanju..
he feels suspicious and about to go towards them but stops by a person who is talking to his frd..
Man:- see yar this ragini doesnt have any shame at all she always back of rich people and steals another love …
Man 2:- what seriously but she doesnt look like that when i want to introduce myself she behaved like she is not interested..
Man:- she acts like that wantedly.this is her first step to trap people but i never thought that she will stoop this much low that she started trapping alok after knewing his background and his interest in sanjana..
See her how wantedly dancing with him and see how is looking at sanjana helplessly..
Sanskar gets angry and tightens his fist in anger and thinks his and her all meeting and thinks she is trapping him..
Sanskar to himself:- i wont allow you to snatch my sister happiness he goes towards ragini angrily..
Man smirks..
Man2:- what do u get by doing this rajat..
Rajat:- self satisfication she insulted me by saying cheater and his father canceled our project by showing some loops . I just hate their family and main point is here sanskar doesnt knew that she came from high class family and mainly he is his father fan…
I have some hatered towards him also..
So one shot two birds..
Because madhav and ajay kashyap will bare any extent loss but not their princess tears and they will see sanskar the end..
Laughs and goes from their..
Sanskar servent lisens this all and goes towards sanskar who is going towards ragini angrily..
Ajay is driving his car in happiness by thinking ..
Ajay:- i will surprise her she will be so happy by my surprise..my pyari behan..

Here sanskar angrily walks towards ragini and holds her hand tightly…
Ragini looks on while alok and sanju stood like statue…
Ragini:- its paining what are doing leave my hand..
Sanskar drags her from their without lisening to her while she looks at sanju and alok.
Alok:- what happen to your brother all of sudden.
Sanju:- dont knew lets go and see.

They both also follows them.
Sanskar closes door after sanju and alok entering..
Sanskar:- how can you stoop so low that you didnt even leave your best friend sanjana..
Ragini:- i am not understanding any thing wat are you talking.
Sanskar :- dnt act like innocent i got to knew everything about to and your plans of trapping rich people..
Ragini:- first of all stop it and secondly wat nonsenses are you speaking..
Sanju :- what are u saying bhai she is my best frd and you dont knew who is she…
Sanskar stops her in middle and says i definetly knew who is she after lisening to those guys.
Sanju:- which one are you talking about bhai..
Sanskar says wat ever he lisened anf points finger at ragini and says..
She is a bl**dy damm player she will do anything for sake of money even those type of womens are better than her..
Alok shouts stop it and says mind your tongue..
Sanskar to sanju:-see she already trapped him and..
A slap sound is heared sanskar holds his cheek and looks on while ragini closes her eyez in pain..

Precap:- sanskar guilt..

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