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Raglak ss part 5 (last)

In night ***
Laksh and ragini Is resting in their room
Ragini- laksh I wantt to share something
Laksh nod and ask what happen
Ragini is resting in their room and and just then her phone ring
Ma- ragini u done such a disgusting work u kill my child Nd I will kill ur child see this
Ragini- ma ur mind is devil how can I think that I will kill my own brother
Ma- see
Laksh- ma is sick she diffenaltely understand ur situation don’t worry I will handle it

In night
Annapurna- ragini eat this ur ma send this for you
Ragini think laksh is right ma need time to recover
She eat and having pain in her belly
Laksh- take her to doctor
Doctor- miscarriage may happened if u don’t bring her on time she and baby is fine u can meet her
Laksh- ragini I will not going to leave now ma
Annapurna – what happen laksh


Whole family wen to baadi including ragini also
Laksh- Shomi ma u r such a selfish person u try to kill ur blood with the help of abortion pills thank God doctor save my child don’t u dare to come near to my would be family that is my order
Annapurna – what happen laksh
Laksh- ma ragini is not pregnant when we tell u but she get pregnant when u and ragini went to doctor she just did it for her baby brother but similar ma has no thank to her she is thinking that ragini is pregnant and she will not take care of her baby brother …
All family try to understand her Shomi apologies to ragini I
She forgive her. They happily live and soon a manga shahzada going to join them

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