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Raglak ss part 1

Hello guys missing me don’t worry I came I came for anjali?? this story only contain 3 parts then I will soon update my ff name raglak – yeh dooriyan so this story start when ragini is faking her pregnancy and laksh is giving her full support

In mm
In raglak room
Ragini is in her 1 month( lol) and touching her belly because she is assuming that she is pregnant
Laksh- ragini if u r not comfortable u don’t need to do it
Ragini- no laksh it is necessary to do to save my brother life to Dave my chotu can baby
Laksh hug her so tightly that even air can’t enter
Annapurna come they apart
Annapurna – laksh why r u hugging ragini


Laksh- ?
Annapurna – I mean ki she is pregnant and in this condition u don’t hug like this
Ragini sadly sit on bed

In night
Ragini p.o.v- I badly want my own child how can I think that chotu is my baby but when I m faking my pregnancy na I think that I m really pregnant laksh care towards me ma Papa all pampers me and today I feel like to cry hard to take frustration out because swara and Sanskar talk to my belly because there is no child in my belly
I have seen tears in laksh eyes that he badly want his own child what we have tried no response till now I hope may I soon give good news to laksh
She cried and sleep facing back to laksh
Laksh p.o.v- I know ki I m not going to be Papa but I agree to ragini to do this drama because they all do a lot to me and my wife and this is the only way to make out I k ow I feel bad when I saw feeling baby in her tummy we tried but no response
He also cried and sleep facing ragini back.

Next morning
Ragini wake up and went to kitchen and start making coffee for her and laksh just swara came
Swara shockingly – ragini how can u come in kitchen and that to for making coffee r u out of ur senses u know if u drink this coffee na baby get bad effects
Ragini is standing silent and she is on the verge of crying just then sujata come
Sujata- hate ramm swara u r crazy u know na she is pregnant and u r scolding her
Ragini went away crying in her room
She close the door ( laksh is not in home ) and take out the pillow which she use to make her bump she take it out and hug her and care it like a mother
Ragini- ohh god why r u making things difficult for me why??
Just her door knock she quickly make her bump and open the door

Annapurna – ragini beta aajao take ur tea this time u should be extra concern about ur baby dekho laksh is also not here so u need to take care ok she smile
Ragini follow her and she is in stairs she is just putting her leg down a string came I. Her leg she is going to fall Sanskar came and save her
Sanskar- out of ur senses u know u r pregnant so irresponsible u r if laksh will knew na he definitely going to scold you
Ragini start crying laksh come and fight with Sanskar
Laksh- Bhai please don’t hurt her as she is smarter enough to know what is wrong and bad may bhi uska dhyan lagi aur ho
Sanskar nodded and went to his room
Laksh take rGini in his hands and went to their room
Annapurna – jaise laksh ko pata chala h na ki ragini pregnant h vo kitna caring ho gya h towards ragini
Precap- more drama , more suspense ,more emotional scenes

keep reading
Guys sorry if I hurt you

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