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Raglak ss- ongoing track (part 3)

Thanku u guys keep loving me? this is the last and long part because I think if I continue to write this u will stop watching swaragini!?? Just kidding
Parineeta come in baadi laksh and Sanskar is not there
Parineeta- my sweet devrani please come out I want to talk to you
Swara come out ragini is not feeling well so she is resting in room she is talking to laksh …..
Swara- hmm bhabhi I think u r feeling suffocating because u r living In so big house na that’s why
Parineeta- I came here to tell u ki bhut jaldi u r also going to kick out from this place
Swara- ok bhabhi thanku u bye u may go now
Parineeta make faces and went but she fall down swara smirk and laugh
In raglak room
Ragini- laksh I m fine u work na
Laksh- ragini if u r not feeling well just tell me I will take u to hospital or swara will take you
Ragini- I m just feeling headache that’s it
Ragini feel like vomiting so she keep phone o. Hold laksh hear this And sense something so he quickly came to home
He take ragini to hospital doctor check ragini and congratulate him as he is going to father( I love this track at least we have seen raglak scenes??) laksh run to ragini.
Laksh- u know I m very happy very very u give such a wonderful gift to me thanku thanku
Ragini smile
Laksh- if I get boy I will name him and if girl u will name
I m so excited u know I m so excited. Tempe. I m becoming father

Ragini is just standing he stop her
Laksh- what r u doing
Ragini- nothing
Laksh take her in arms and take her to home
Laksh- ragini u know now u will not work until baby don’t come
Laksh tell this to whole family Annapurna dp sujata to bless her
Swara- ragini laksh u r very fast
Laksh smile and ragini shy ..
Sanskar come and all family congratulate him as he is becoming bade Papa he run to laksh room and see the scene and get teary eyes laksh is seen talking to baby and ragini I is sleeping and laksh is caring ragini head Sanskar knock
And come
Laksh– Bhai Congo
Sanskar- u too bro after sari mehnant Teri h ?
Laksh laugh and say
Laksh- u know Bhai I m having very different kind of feeling how will I manage a small baby and ragini u know na Bhai I love ragini alot and if something happens na what will I do
Sanskar- we will give our souls to dedication. But we will not get defeated we have to make a inspiration for our baby
Laksh and Sanskar hug
In morning
Ragini wake up swara give her medicine and tell her to rest
Laksh come running and Congo Sanskar they get a contract


After 4 years
In news laksh and Sanskar maheswari son of dp r now most richest and successful man and today they r father one son and a girl
In mm
After laksh and Sanskar left business adarsh goes bankrupt
In raglak room
Ragini is seen sleeping with a small cute little boy on her side. And laksh is seen sleeping putting leg on ragini legs
In swasan room swara and Sanskar r sleeping in middle a cute beautiful girl is sleeping with her teddy?

The end
CVS kab sudheregi yr

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