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Raglak-Obsessive LoveLust epi 1

Character Intro
Ragini Taneja-A Sweet,innocent girl…loves her family

Laksh Maheshwari-A spoilt brat…thinks he can get enything with his money….and he always get what he wants


Raj(Played by )-Ragini and lakshya’s Classmate and Friend of Ragini

Rajat(Mohit Abrol)-Another spoilt brat buddy of lakshya

Sahil(Anuj sachdeva)-Spoilt brat..lakshya’s buddy

Swara-Ragini’s step sis
Sanskar-Laksh’s cousin
Other characters same as real
So here we go
A pair of beautiful eyes are shown she says Swara let’s go to college…we r already late (She has wore pink suit same as of holika dahan that is our pretty Ragini)
Swara-Just 2 mins

Screen shifts to MM
Sanskar-Lets go laksh

Laksh-yeah its the first day of college so ragging n all (he has worn white red t shirt and white jacket and blur jeans)

In college…laksh was on the gate of the college with his buddies…sankar was in library
Ragini-Swara you go I’m coming after parking the scooty
Ragini was going into the college
Laksh-Hey gorgeous
Ragini stopped

Laksh-Give me your intro
Ragini-Ragini..Ragini Taneja
L-oh very hot name
L-Nothing….so sing something for us
R-Raghupati raghav
L-not this something hot baby
R-That is enough….I’m not your slave okay
L-oh attitude haan
R-yes now leave my way
Laksh hold her wrist
R-How dare u to touch my hand
L-Its only hand this time now just wait n watch what else I can touch
Ragini slapped him and turned to go
L-You will have to pay for this ms Ragini
Ragini goes

In class Ragini was sitting on a bench laksh came and sat next to her

L-hii baby
R-what the hell r u doingwaistline
L-that you will know after sometime
Prof came and started the lecture
Laksh touched her waist
R-what r u doing
L-i told u I can touch anywhere else
R-i will shout

L-What will u say….i will tell everyone that it was by mistake
Lecture ended
L-By the way how was my touch baby ???
All left the class
Ragini got up to go
Laksh holds her by waist n kissed on her cheek
Ragini left the place
At home
Ragini was thinking-i can’t tell about that laksh to anyone otherwise if dadi will get to know about this she will not let me study and get me married
Next day
In College
Swara-Ragini r u okay what r u thinking
R-nothing you go to your class
Swara goes
Rajat-Laksh see your would be gf
Laksh whistled
Ragini kept on going
Ragini went to the library Laksh followed her
Laksh closed the library door
Ragini got shocked
What will be the next….
So how was it should I continue or not plz post your precious comments n suggestions guys

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