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raglak-love,hate,obsession part 22

It’s ragini buddday she is sleeping and Sanskar is doing preparations for her to give her a surprise
In mm laksh is sleeping on couch and swara and riya is sleeping on bed
Laksh is seeing a dream of flashback what happened a year ago
Ragini is in hospital she has given a birth to a girl laksh click her photo and tell ragini if my ragya will go far then I see her pic ragini laugh and say if I will go far then laksh scold her and in swasan side Sanskar is caring riya and swara is feeling very discusting .. riya has started to walk so she is walking in room and run to her Chachi room ragini room when she is going as she is child she get an idea so she start going downstairs ragini is having ragya she saw riya is going to slip as the stairs r too high ragini catch her but the baby fall ragini scream and cry out loud laksh came panting and slap ragini very hard he run and take ragya to hospital while swara also go with laksh ragini is still sat there crying in journey swara- laksh u know n ragini want. A baby boy that’s why she did this here
Sanskar- ragini lets go to hospital ragya needs u
Ragini stand they sat in car but swara make car break fail as the result ragsan accident a man take them to same hospital and treated them doctor tell him they both have brain damage so memory loss
In laksh side
Doctor – 2 days baby is very delicate and u people she is no more
Laksh cry out loud he has no senses and here he call ragini she is not picking the call he try many time Sanskar also but no response he get tensed as well as angry he start crying again but this time a Hug make him stop and the hug was of riya
Riya start crying laksh take her to home and he found out then ragsan is not at home he tried to contact them but no response he give. Complaint. But ragsan missing swara smirk
After this laksh daily talk to ragya pic and tell ragini pic for satisfaction just he do this to calm and believe ki ragini is alive
He open his eyes and cry he talk to ragya laksh- baby u know I. Can’t play with u u don’t talk to u just because of ur mother she disappeared she is weak she run from here then he see riya sleeping he kiss riya and wish her happy birthday riya hug him and they trio freshen up and went to freshen up
In London ragini wake up and see the whole room she get amazed such a beautiful room it was just then Sanskar came and wish her he hug her kiss her on face but not on lips when he is going to get cozy they hear a knock they feel disturbed ragini run to washroom
She wear a top but her back and stomach is visible and wear shorts and High heels winged eyeliner and orange lipstick Sanskar get mad seeing her but they have to go airport so in full journey they romance sometimes ragini kiss Sanskar cheeks when ragini sleep he kiss her
They reach India and directly went to mm because dp invite them to stay there when they both their first step the four get a current vibe the two laksh and swara murmur ragini and Sanskar
All get shocked seeing the both like this laksh and swara is in their room
Dp signal their room but Sanskar – actually today is my gf buddday so we will come late at night
They went and servants keep their luggage in room
They went to a hall where Sanskar already make things ready he welcome him they cut the cake do a romantic dance and kiss ? they r drink so they think to stay there

Precap- a shock to laksh and swara seeing ragini and Sanskar together ,ragini since in pain,lalsh frustration. On ragini


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