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RagLak – force, Love, obsession and lust (epi10)


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Ragini was making breakfast someone closes her eyes she was saying Laksh…
but guess what it wasn’t Laksh…

Person: it doesn’t always have to be your husband you know
Ragini: who is this?
Person just guess…
Ragini: Leave me

She pushed the person away and turned around and it was so shocking for Ragini she was in happy tears…

Ragini: OMG you?? Sanskar (gets happy she was about to hug him but she slaps him…)
Sanskar: AAWWWW yes, me and why did you slap me that hurts
Ragini: why didn’t you come to my wedding?
Sanskar: because I was busy at work I couldn’t travel far
(he works in Kolkata Ragini live is Mumbai)
as now I am here, I am going to stay her for a month I’m on holiday
Ragini: (she was happy and hugged him) okay where you going to stay?
Sanskar: in a hotel

Ragini: NO!!! you have to stay at this house
Sanskar: how can I can’t be a burden for you and your husband
Ragini: (slaps him) how dare you say you’re a burden to me you’re my best friend
Sanskar: ok sorry that really hurts you know and where is your husband?
Ragini: he was getting ready

Ragini!!! (Laksh was calling Ragini)

Ragini: HUH Laksh I’m in the kitchen
Laksh goes to the kitchen and sees a guy hugging Ragini he got jealous

Laksh: Hey you!!! Who are you?
Ragini: Laksh this is my best friend Sanskar
Laksh: oh sorry hi I’m Laksh

Sanskar: hey
Laksh: how come you weren’t at the wedding
Sanskar: oh I had work could take leave
Laksh: oh where do you work?
Sanskar: xyz industrials
Laksh: ohh I see
Ragini: enough you both have come let’s have break fast

They all go and have Breakfast

Ragini: Laksh, Sanskar have leave for a month or more can he stay here with us
Laksh: yes, sure
(in mind) hopefully he doesn’t disturb me and Ragini
Sanky: I really don’t want to be a burden for you and Ragini

Ragini: did we say you’re a burden or disturbing us?
Laksh: yes, Dude you’re not going to be a burden it will be a please for you to stay with us
Ragini: thank you Laksh… I told you Sanskar I will slap you
Sanskar: sorry meri ma

All laugh and Laksh went to office and told Ragini to stay here as her friend has come and told her to take him shopping…


Laksh to himself:
Why did I say yes to let him stay?
Don’t worry Laksh she is your wife no one can take her away from you… she’s only for you…
but what if he like her and is here to take her away from?
He can’t be that type of person she is his best friend he wouldn’t do such thing…

To be continued…

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