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RagLak – force, Love, obsession and lust (epi 5)

Hope you guy like my new ff… thank you for all your positive comments…

Ragini was speechless…


Ragini hugged him and said I love you too when I first heard about you people were saying that
you are really arrogant but nice at heart that made me like you in fact love you…

Laksh: (thinks): I really want her should I force her to be with me?
No I should wait till after marriage I can do anything I want with her…
(now to Ragini) so now Ragini shall we call the pandit and
ask him for a date for the engagement and marriage?
Ragini: yes…
Laksh: so you’re going to be mine after marriage I can do anything with you
Ragini(shies): but sir (he kisses her lip not to speak a word) they kiss passionately…

They move back as they were out of breath…

Ragini; but sir (he kisses her again) this kiss was very, very passionate
They broke again after what like 15 minutes

Laksh: Ragini call me Laksh as I am your husband to be…
Ragini: but sir how about in the office
Laksh: call me sir there then when we are at my house and alone call me Laksh or hubby okay?
Ragini nods
Laksh(continues): and shift to my house so that we don’t have to be so far apart… okay?
I will tell my drivers to get everything from your hostel and you can stay in one of
my other rooms in this house we will be in the same house but in separate rooms…
Ragini: but Laksh don’t I have to inform my hostel warden myself?

Laksh: I will do that tomorrow itself okay?
Ragini: thank you so much
Laksh shall we have diner and then sleep but for today can you sleep in my room with me in my embrace I want to sleep with you?
Ragini: Yes, I will and yes come let’s go I will cook for us?
Laksh: sure wifey
Ragini kisses his cheeks
Laksh: I love you (pecks her lips)
Ragini: I love you too xx

To be continued…

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