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RagLak – force, Love, obsession and lust (epi 4)

Hope you guy like my new ff… thank you for all your positive comments…

Scene moves to Laksh’s mansion


Laksh’s room
Laksh gives Ragini this gown to wear she goes to the bathroom to change…

She wears what he gave her and came out of the bathroom she was looking smoking hot, she was wearing white short above knee length dress off shoulders…

Laksh gets mesmerized by seeing her

Laksh: wow you look hot
Ragini shies away
Laksh: don’t get too shy otherwise would not be able to control my self
Ragini: sir what are we going do
Laksh: romance
Ragini: how far will it go?
Laksh: till we get tired
Ragini but sir I am still a virgin I don’t want to lose my virginity till marriage
Laksh: but I want you
Ragini: (doesn’t know what to say)
Laksh: we will romance we will see how far it goes
Ragini: okay

Laksh pulls her towards him and hugged her snogging her neck then we work his way up to her lips where she was wearing strawberry flavoured lipstick which got him even more addicted to her…
He kissed her hand and which turned on Ragini but when her was going to take her dress off she stopped him…

Ragini: sir I can’t do this
Laksh: you have to
Ragini: you can’t force me sir…
Laksh: I can you are my employee
Ragini that doesn’t mean that I will gave to give you myself… you’re not even my husband I will only give myself to my husband…
Laksh: what is say to get married to me?
Ragini: sir you can’t play with our lives like this we don’t even know each other well or anything
Laksh: Okay then we will get to know each other first then we will get married and then you will be mine…
Ragini: but sir
Laksh: no buts and ifs
Ragini: what will the society think you got married to your employee?
Laksh: that’s my choice… no one can say anything about my decision…
Ragini: but I do they will probably think I’m a gold digger I just married you for your money?
Laksh: I will not let anyone say that
Ragini: really:
Laksh: yes, yes, yes because I love you, I loved you when I first saw you in the interview… I just love you damn it understand that…

Ragini was speechless…

Ragini hugged him and said I love you too when I first heard about you people were saying that you are really arrogant
but nice at heart that made me like you in fact love you…

To be continued…

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