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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan prologue

This story may be go very sad .?? Plzz read it and give comments this story is very close to me …. in this nobody is negative they r just explain their p.o.v
In mm
A moustache boy is talking with a pic which is of her past cum future may be upcoming present Mr.laksh is now 22 and he is going to marry today …
Laksh p.o.v
Just now I get know why ur parents call ur stubborn u broke my heart ragini u agree to marry Sanskar just to see ur sister happy and my brother happy what about me I really love u since college now how can I earn you ragini how can I !!
He totally broke down
He is engaged to swara gadodia before1 month today is there marriage
In Sanskar room
He seems very happy as well as sad
Sanskar p.o.v
Today I m happy because I m going to marry crush of my life ragini I today she herself told family to marry me but I am sad as well bcz I m going to separate from my best friend soon to be my bhabhi swara
One girl is sleeping and one is siting like lifeless cell
Who is sleeping is swara
Swara p.o.v
Ragini thank u so much yr u just make my way easy by telling laksh about my love but I m sad bczz I m going to separate with my friend sanskar but happy as well going to marry my crush laksh
One girl sitting like lifeless cell is ragini
Ragini is watching her Mehandi dark color
Ragini I p.o.v
Sanskar I m sorry but I don’t love you agree just bcz of laksh stubbornness he tell to marry a guy on swalak wedding g day because we sacrifice our love bcz of swara he knew that I will not love anybody that why he gave me this wish but I m feeling very low now how will I fulfill my responsibility towards family
Song start
Yeh. Dooriyan hhhhhh…
Precap- flacback revealing past

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