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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 9

In hospital room
Swra give birth to a cutie pie girl and ragini baby is dead ??
Doctor came out from the ward and inform sanlak about it Sanskar is happy as well as sad but laksh is very sad he is crying
Swara open her eyes and see a cute baby is sleeping next to her …
But she also see ragini is lieing on the bed without any movements
Ragini baby is dead and she in unconscious state she is not moving but reacting she is just being silent
Laksh has no moments just regreting about the decision he is crying hard but no one has to guts to handle him even ragini is moving little bit when she wake up she see swara and her baby is sleeping but when she see her side she saw no baby she became tensed she start crying hard laksh rush in her ward she is behaving like mental girl
Laksh crying- ragini please this is not ur fault plzz try to console urself
Rgini being angry – hame hamr bachaa chaiye hame chaiye she sartbeating herself laksh being angry slap her hard she became mnumbshe is ht laksh is understanding herself

She faint in laksh arm
Doctor – plzz try to make her understand if this will happen regularly na she will make herself sick
Laksh- what to do doctor she is really hurt
Doctor went ragini open her eyes
Laksh- ragini see bachaa hmra baby nhi h to kya hua swara k baby h tum use pyar kro aur net time we will be also parent of our babies
Ragini- ab ap hamse ache ki umeed mat rakhna
Laksh- whatkaise Batein kr rhi ho tum
Ragini- kyu kya hua apko bachaa hi to chaiye na apko bas hmri body chaiye na
Laksh slap her
lalsh- tumhari sochna ki Sakti khatam ho ye h aaj se mujhse baat mat Krna


Ragini realise what she say even she also know laksh lost his child
Raginiscream-sorry laksh
Laksh went from there In hospital
Swara can’t feed baby she is having some internalproblem By heaing crying sound of baby ragini run to ward and see a little baby is crying for milk
She start coming towards baby
Swara- thanku ragini plzz can u feed her plzz as a mother of my child
Rgini nodded and take riza ( sanskar give this name)
She take he to her bed and make her feed baby is feeling attacent to ragini

Year passed
Now ragini only feel riza bczz she is taking care of riza sine childhood and swara is again expecting( Sanskar jyada fast h?)
Raglak didn’t talk with each other since ragini misscarriage laksh make him Busy in hisoffice work and rgini being busy in riza
Swara also beame happy seeing g ragini happy
Riza talk in her child language she call ragini as mammy and swara as ma and sanskar as Papa
And laksh as chotu papa ad laksh also become happy seeing riza antics

One day
Laksh is in his office till late night ragini I is busy in riza feeding and riza is in ragini goodi and as she is small ( ragini is still feeding her)
When ragini I is done with riza he make riza sleep in middle of bed and dress herself again and see the time and it’s high time she take her phone and call laksh .
Laksh- hllo
Ragini- laksh kha h aap
Laksh- office m kyu
Ragini- apko ghar nhi aa kya time dekhte and rizubhi apka wait krke so gyi
Laksh- m late ayega tum so jao
Ragini- yeh apka Roz ka.routine h na
Laksh- h aur vaise bhi unhe thodi na kuch sijhaya h ajakal jab se vo incident hua na tb se tum mere Karib nhi ayi aur mei shayad se ayuga
Ragini feel very bad she cry and cut the call

Precap- kya dooriyan mit. payegi yah aur daarre ayegi

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