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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 8

Hello guys thanku that all of you commented but plzz comment regularly I will excited and happy to see ur comments some of you want ragini pregnancy. So let’s start but don’t feel bad when I misscarriage her bczz story time will become exciting let’s start

In morning
Laksh wake up and check ragini fever it’s high so he decided to call doctor but ragini refuse him to not to call doctor as she is feeling better now
Laksh- ragini don’t be stubborn plzz take care of yourself
Ragini- ok laksh I will go with you in hospital but on one condition u should take leave from office
Laksh- ok madam but let’s go to hospital otherwise it fever will come on peak
They went to hospital
Doctor in ward
Check ragini and inform laksh that everything is fine but they have to extra consider ragini as she is expecting baby
Laksh overjoyed kiss ragini on lips infront of doctor doctor smile
Doctor- nothing to worry u only have to take medicine which I will give you that’s it baby is perfectly fine
Laksh- thank you doctor


They leave
And reached in their home they directly went to their room as swasan is also went to get a checkup as swara is in her 2 month

In raglak room
Laksh call Annapurna
Annapurna- hello laksh
Laksh- ma how r u??
Annapurna- I m gud laksh and ragini and swasan and their baby
Laksh- ma all is fine but u don’t ask about one member
Annapurna – laksh I have already all of you if ur friends left so this is not my fault
Laksh- ma Mene hmre bache ke bare m nhi poocha
Annapurna- kya sach mei I m happy beta ragini ko phone do
Laksh- ma ragini is sleeping as she is having high fever and due to medicine effect also
Annapurna- laksh please take care of ragini and ur child bczz this is not good that ragini is getting high fever in this condition I also get it when I was expecting u say ragini to take pomegranate juice and don’t eat papaya
Laksh- ma ok I will plz take care talk to u tomorrow and ma have u tell any thing about our relation to anybody
Annapurna- didn’t get time hope so I will tell at right time and want to tell uttara engagement is fixed u all have to come in next week
Laksh- ma plz sorry but I will not come bcz of ragini next week is her checkup
Annapurna – don’t worry we will manage u come after check up
Laksh- ok ma bye

In night
All r eating their dinner but ragini is sitting silently not eating
Laksh- why r u not eating
Ragini- don’t feel to eat i m having vommitting since morning and continusly after 3 hours
Laksh- have u taken ur medicine
Ragini- yes I have already
Swara- ragini u should be extra concern about u ur baby will get negative effect in it
Days passed like this now swara is in her 8 month and ragini is her 7 month( actually I forget to tell that ragini is pregnant by 1month)
One day when uttara marriage was going on pairs r swalak and ragsan infront t of families do t forget swara was climbing stairs she skipped one step and fall down and ragini also bcz to save swara
All the family members r worried for them doctor is treating them ragini is suffering from lots of bleeding and swara is suffering from her labour pains

In hospital room
Swra give birth to a cutie pie girl and ragini baby is dead ??
Doctor came out from the ward and inform sanlak about it Sanskar is happy as well as sad but laksh is very sad he is crying
Swara open her eyes and see a cute baby is sleeping next to her …
But she also see ragini is lieing on the bed without any movements

Precap- baby feeding,will swara be able to feed her child or ragini will do it bczz swara is having problem plzz comment

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