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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 6

Hello guys shocking na let’s read it next episode

In mor I g
Swasan r very tensed how to face raglak by this kind of guilt
In raglak side
They r also having tension what to do now

They reach home
Swara- laksh and ragini want to talk
Ragini- me too
They r having serious face
Sanskar- laksh don’t know how to say but this thing is very serious and we r very sorry about it
Laksh- bhai bolo bhi
Sanskar- Bhai me and swara have s*x last night sorry but we r not in our senses .he said in a gulp
Laksh- Sanskar me too is going to say same thing sorry
Swara- laksh I love Sanskar but didn’t realise but last night when we r drunk we have confessed her love to each other

Sanskar is sitting on bed and try to same something but swara stop him and say I love u and realise it now
Flashback end***

Laksh- but what we will do now because r not going to allow to swap our partners we r love in each other and swasan too
Sanskar- one month we r going to stay here we will ho to court tomorrow and file divorce and take divorce and marry swaragini

In night .
Swaragini Nd sanlak r sleeping with each other siblings love
In morning
They went to court divorce and marry each other raglak and swasan r now the partners but their family still think that sanlak and ragsan. R the partners so mind it

In night
Swasan room
They r consummating screen blurs ( I can’t see inside??)
Raglak room .
Laksh- now Mrs officially ragini I laksh maheswari will u give permission to me to take our marriage to next level
Ragini nodded they consummate
Till one month everything is going soomth and fine

One day
Annapurna call ragini I ragini is not in home so swara pick it
Annapurna – beta swara how r u
Swara- I m ok ma how r u
Annapurna- we r also ok when u guys r coming
Swara is going to something g but rush to washroom by the vomiting sensation
Annapurna guess not sure
Ragini come back home and see swara is vomiting she call doctor

Doctor come and inform them that’s swara is pregnant .
Ragini became hPpy and call Annapurna
Annapurna- hello ragini
Ragini- ma good news swara is pregnant
Annapurna – what she became happy plz give my good wishes to swalak
Ragini get shattered .

In night swasan r in there room and celebrating there parenthood and ragini is in her room try to sleep
Camera focus on ragini and we see ragini is crying like hell Sanskar is passing from there he see ragini crying
He went to ragini
And console her and hug her just time laksh enter the room and saw them hugging
Laksh clear his throat
Sanskar- acha Bhai u came otherwise mrs ragini will fill this area with her tears
Laksh ask ragini with expressions on her face
Ragini nodded in no
Sanskar – ok guys I m going
Laksh close the door
Laksh- what happen why r u crying ragini
Ragini- today when I went to market ma called swara suddenly swra feel vomiting sensation and I call doctor when I came back and I call ma and inform her and she think that this baby is urs she cried out loud
Laksh- are ragini yr it’s just a thing u r crying for darling ma don’t na that we r married so stop crying
They consummate again ( laksh is such a sweetheart)

One day
Swalak and ragsan reach mm swara is on her 2 month
Sujata – jiji when I will became dadi
Annapurna a- ask ragsan not me
Sujata- na Sanskar and ragini tum yeh batao honeymoon pe kya Karne gaye the mei dadi kab banugi
Four of them shock
Sanskar-ma first can we go inside ragini swalak r tired

In swalak room
Swara- shit laksh what will we do
Laksh- don’t know we can’t say truth to family if this happen we r gone u no na Papa is very much concern about his reputation

In ragsan room
Ragini is tensely roaming here and there
Sanskar is keep staring her
Ragini- Sanskar what will happen
Sanskar- nothing we r going to say parents about this of we do so we r gone
Ragini- then now
Sanskar- correct time waiting
They four of them r in hope that what will now going to happen

Precap- omg ragini got fever ???? ,separation from families bczz of long distance office

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