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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 5

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In morning
Laksh didn’t sleep last night bcz of tension he knew that ragini will never come close to Sanskar bczz she now also love him
He fastly get ready and went to ragsan room
Ragsan room
Sanskar is sleeping and ragini is in washroom
Ragini is trying to wake Sanskar up
She went to him and make a shake to wake him up
Ragini- suniyo plzz wake up early 7 am ho gaye
Sanskar- smile in dreams ragini try to understand him why he is smiling
There gate knock
Ragini went to open the door laksh is standing there and get happy by seeing Sanskar in the condition
Laksh- thank u so much ragini he kiss her on. Cheeks
Ragini shock.
Ragini- laksh plzz be in ur limits I m ur bhabhi
Laksh- ragini today I will get u in any cost
Sanskar wake up – laksh u here too early
Laksh- swara is having headache
Ragini and Sanskar – what
They rush to her


Ragsan – swara why don’t u don’t keep ur health fine
Swara – ? I m just having normal headache btw today I m going to my friend birthday party so Sanskar ,laksh ,ragini be ready
Raglak- I m not coming
Swasan – ok then u enjoy in ur home see anjana anjani
We r going

In evening they went to swara friend d birthday party
Only in room raglak r left ragini is feeling very awkward
Laksh- ragini drink this u r hungry
Ragini drink it
And left some drink in it
Laksh drink it they get drunk as waiter gave them wine
In swasan side they r also get drunk but they get intimate without anyone knowledge
In raglak side
Laksh make ragini sit on her lap and kiss on her lips then neck then remove his clothes but ragini start crying
Ragini- laksh u hurt me u know na I don’t want this marriage but u don’t dare to stop this marriage and u intimate with me what would I say to him
Laksh make ragini lie on bed and they get intimate ….

In morning:
Raglak wake up and see each other in the condition
Ragini- no his not again plzz I can’t bear anymore what will I say to them
Laksh – don’t worry today we will tell to them

In swasan side
They both wake up and regret of their doing
Swasan – what would be answer to raglak we will tell them that we have s*x last night …

Precap- what will happen when the truth come out will they start afresh or will the partners swap

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