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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 16 and 17

Hello guys teja back with raglak ff-yeh dooriyan part 16 and 17
In hospital
Laksh- but how will I make ragini stay away from me Nd about her dates how will I know about it
Doctor – it’s natural when she gets her date she will feel some kind fpain and weakness
Laksh- ok thanku doctor
Laksh and ragini leave to home

In car
Ragini- laksh what doctor said
Laksh- nothing just to take care of u
Laksh phone ring and name flashes triksha
Ragini see his face
Laksh answer the call
They talk with each other like this for half an hour rgini feel like burning
Laksh cut the call
They reach home
They tell all family members that ragini can conceive again
All the family members became happy
Riza come to ragini.
Riya- mummy bhuk
Ragini smile and take her to her room

Swara- riza is only living this life bcz of you ragini
Ragini- swara
Swara- yes if u dont feed her
They talk like this and riza sleep in ragini embrace
Laksh enter in room
Swara- ok bye ragini swayam is.may be crying
Ragini- hm
Ragini stand up.and try to close with laksh
Laksh take ragini in bed and come on top of her but when he is going to enter he remember doctor words he stand up and wear his clohes and ragini also wear her clothes
Ragini- laksh what happen
Laksh- ragini I m tired
Ragini hug him they sleep riza in between
In morning ragini is taking bath just then laksh wake up and see ragini is in washroom. He think to make ragini happy he knock on door
Ragini- laksh
Laksh- h open the door
Ragini- but laksh I m. Bathing
Laksh- so what open the door

Rgini open the door laksh entr in washroom and open the shower both under shower Laksh make ragini touch on her waist and then kiss her on lips it as smooch
He bite her lip she moan
Riza wake up by sound
Rgini- oh shit
She wear her bathrobe and come and make riza sleep again by feeding her
Laksh also come and tke riza and tke her to walk as laksh daily goes to walk
Laksh- riza baby ur mummy loves u more than anything and ur Chote Papa too
Riza smile in her sleep
Laksh also smile
After walk laksh come in home and went to room And raGini take riza and make her bath
Laksh- ragini

Ragini- ji laksh
Laksh – plz bring my breakfast in room
Ragini – ji laksh plz just wait for two minutes
Laksh- hmm
Ragini bring breakfast to room and laksh eat it while he was drinking juice he let in middle and Ake ragini sit in his lap
And make her dink his left juice
Ragini drink it she alo left it and make laksh drink it riza is playing in bed with her doll
Laksh- riza come her to Papa
Riza come by childish walk
Laksh- riza mummy is taking u to baadi ur Nani home
Riza – she start crying
Ragini- are what happen baby why r u crying
Riya- badi Nani pitii

Ragini smile
Laksh- pitii means
Rgini- means gandi
They trio smile
Laksh left to office and ragini and riza sleep bcz riza sleep with ragini only as whole work also done

In evening
Ragini and riza went to market and ragini see laksh and triksha r hugging
Ragini get shocked
But she ignored it an went to home again
Next week
Laksh and triksha went to a trip as it there was a.deal
But triksha went to do excute her plan
Triksha make laksh drink bear and she click photos with Jim and send it to rgini
And hereragini is crying

Precap- ab kaha tak jayegi yeh dooriyan ki dastan…

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