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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 12 and 15

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Part 12 and13

In morning
Laksh and ragini are cuddling to eaCh other just then they hear baby voice and ragini wake up and see riza is crying so she feed her so that laksh sleep doesn’t get disturb …
When riza again sleep ragini sleep with laksh
After some hours
Laksh wake and see ragini is sleeping by putting hand on him .. he smile and peck his forehead And leave for washroom when he came he saw.his mother is tieing some kind of band on ragini belly
Laksh- ma what is this ??
Annapurna-laksh this is necessary when a girl is going to pregnant na it will save child from black eye
Ragini and laksh smile
Annapurna-I hope u r trying to fulfill my wish
By saying this she went down to handle swayam
Riza is with swara
Laksh is trying to close with ragini and ragini is being shy
Ragini- laksh plzz leave me
Laksh- see ma is eagerly waiting for her Their grandchildren …
They again get intimate
After one month
Ragini and Annapurna r sitting in the hall
Ragini- ma I want to say something
Annapurna- h beta bolo plzz
Ragini- ma from tomorrow I m not getting sleep and feeling very suffocating and I vomit to
Annapurna- u should check beta
Ragini nodded she call swara to come with her

Swara and ragini went to doctor
Doctor- come Mrs laksh maheswari
Ragini- yes
She went in and doctor check her and inform her that she is pregnant by a week
She get happy she inform swara about it
Ragini come and also inform about it to all family members who r living with raglak except laksh
Bcz ragini want to tell him
In night after dinner ll the couple went to their rooms
In swasan room
Sanskar is playing with riza and swara is making swayam sleep with singing lullaby
When the both child sleep swasan spend some romantic time In raglak room
Laksh is working on his laptop and ragini came after changing dress and sit beside laksh laksh make her sit on his lap and tightly hug her
Ragini- aa laksh what r u doing baby will be feeling suffocating
Laksh- baby
Ragini noddd and kiss laksh on his lips they kiss each other long run after kiss they apart and laksh tightly hug ragini and kiss her on belly and talk with baby
Some time they spent like this and after this they get a sleep wih hugging each other
In morning
Some annapurnas friends came in their home and tell Annapurna to make them meet with swaragini
Swara one with swayam and ragini didn’t come
All( friends of Anna)- where is ragini
Annapurna- she can’t come don atually she is on her pregnancy days
All congratulate her annprna overwhelmed.
Suddenly sujata and other family members come and they get shocked
Sujata- m na to bhut Kush hi ji mere Sanskar k bache ane la h
Annapura-no sujata she is pregnant wit laksh child
Sujata- didi
Annapurna – h sujata ur grandchildren is riza and swayam
She cry and Annapurna tell her all the things all the family r present there including sanlak .
Sujata- na jiji I will not accept swara as my sanskar wife
Annurna shocked
Laksh- chachi plzz don’t say this otherise ragini will listen this and she get stess and doctor tell her to avoid stress
Sujata- na ragini and swara have to leave from here
Sanlak- what??
Sujata- yes otherwise I will die ( agar yha m hoti to bol deti Mar ja???)
Laksh- chachi plzz
Sujata- na laksh na swara will leave her bczz mera pota is very small he feed milk and riza is also small
Laksh- chachi plzzz
Raginiis standing in the stairs and listening everything she start crying all the family members feel bad by seeing her .
Rgini- laksh plzz I need to go Gm
Laksh- r u mad in this condition when u need me
Ragini make laksh agree to leave her to gm
They leave they cry as they r leaving each other

Leap of 7 months Ragini is now 7 months pregnant
Farishtey Pyaar Ke Swasan Raglak
Teja Verma द्वारा प्रकाशित · 43 मिनट ·
Hy teja here I want to say that this will be going very interesting but plzz keep calm as I m going to again do misscarriage plzz forgive me and don’t throw eggs( bcz I m vegetarian)?
Part 14and 15
Ragini is in baadi regularly laksh meet ragini in baadi and ragini take care of herself very well but she don’t know that a strong wind will destroy her life and will take her child again
One day
Ragini is roaming in balcony bcz she is feeling suffocating
Suddenly she saw laksh and a girl is on car she feel very weird
She call laksh
Ragini- laksh today is my appointment u have to come
Laksh- h baby I know be ready. M coming
Ragini – laksh where r u
Laksh- I m with my secretary triksha
Ragini nNodded and cut the call
Rgini-i m mad I m doubting on my laksh
She put on her hand on belly Nd she decided to go to laksh office to give him surprise
She went and triksha is coming from backside
Triksha is only here to take revenge from ragini as in college triksha love laksh but laksh don’t know her as he is love with ragini
Triksha is vry abry so he give money to truck driver to hit ragini
Triksha- I will kill ur relations with my laksh
Ragini see the truck and get sacred she ry to move but. A thread stuck in her leg she is crying like hell truck come and hit by truck
Rginiis lying in pool of blood
Triksha being overactor take ragini to hospital and call laksh
Triksha – hello sir mam ka accident ho gya she is in very critical condition plzz come to xyz hospital fast …
Laksh being tensed went to hosital
In ot
Doctor – can’t save
Doctor come ut Nd say sorry to laksh
Laksh totally shattered he call family members and tell them about it all the family members feel bad about laksh and ragini
Laksh went inside as ragini shift to normal ward
Laksh is crying seeing ragini state he touch her belly and kiss it
Laksh p.o.v
I m very bad I can’t save my child and ragini baby too
He cry
Ragini gain consciousness and put her hand on belly and see laksh
Laksh nodded in no
Ragini cry and hug him
They hug each other
All r very sad
Laksh take ragini to home as sujata is regreting

In raglak room
Ragini heard swayam crying she cry hard laksh come and console her
Laksh- don’t worry rgini we will soonhave a child
She hug him too tight
They sleep in each other embrace
In morning laksh make ragini sleep in bed
He went to office Ragini wake up in noon
And cry by remembering her recent misscarriage
Ragini- I m very bad I can’t give happiness to laksh ??
She went down
All r eating lunch
Annapurna – beta aao come eat
Ragini- no ma I m going to laksh office doctor ki appointment h
Annapurna – ragini beta plzz try to move on
Ragini- n o ma I mvery bad bahu I can’t give u happiness of ur grandchild
Annapurna- beta don’t
She hug her
Ragini went to laksh ofice by chance triksha fall on laksh
And suddenly ragini come and see them in that condition
She say laksh
Laksh make triksha move
Laksh- sorry vo rgini
She didn’t say anything and went to laksh car to sit
Laksh come He make her see himlakshh what happen
Ragini- hope so my result will be good
Laksh- don’t worry u can conceive
They hug and laksh cup her face and peck her lips
Ragini- laksh what r u doing
Kiss- laksh
They wnt to doctor and doctor inform ragini can conceive
They become happy
Doctor- Mr laksh I want to talk to you
Laksh -raginii u go and sit I m coming
Doctor- Mr laksh this is very personal matter u should not make physical relation wih ragini until she don’t make her mensuration cycle
Laksh- what
Doctor nodded

Precap- yeh dooriyan ,ragini and laksh fight over triksha

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