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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 10 and 11

Hey teja back with the mahaepisode of yeh dooriyan part 10 and 11 and plzzz comment

In night
Laksh came late in night and ragini is awake waiting for laksh
Ragini- laksh I think we should talk for our relationhip
Laksh- there s nothing to talk sleep with Riya otherwise she will wake up
Ragini – no laksh today I will talk to you thousands of time I already said sorry to you but u r paying attitude
Laksh- really rgini I think that child was also mine and how u easilyblame me for that misscarriage and even u don’t talk to me bczz u r being busy in riza
Ragini- and u were busy in ur secretary


Laksh- mind ur tongue
Ragini – why would I u know 1 yr passes away and we didn’t sleep with ech other bczz u r fulfilling ur needs by ur secretary
A thud sound came ( laksh slap ragini in anger)
Laksh- uknow ur mind just get dumb after that misscarriage how can u say this bad words u already know howany times I tried to cme close to you but u r busy in riza
Ragini I having hand on her cheeks standing and crying like hell
Laksh-u know when swarA get to give good news I also want to give this happiness to you and that night u didn’t come in room bcz u went to badi right
Ragini i- thank u laksh thank u o much for this wonderful gift Nd on our 1 anniversary uenjoy bcz I will live in this home till u regret
Laksh- get lost

Ragini run to washroom and close the door with thud and sleep there overnight and laksh is crying thinking about the baby he take riza in his lap an sleep with her just to low his pain

In morning
Rgini come out and see laksh is already awake Nd try to calm riza
She don’t pay any heel she went and bring suitcase and bring her suff and went to feed riza she tke riza from laksh without saying anything and close the door and feed her laksh is watching them with teary eyes when they done ragini take her suitcase and went down she is still having Fingermarks on her face and went to take permission from Annapurna (she is living with raglak and swasan bcz of riza )

Annurna- are ragini kha ja rhi ho
Ragini – ma I m leaving to baadi for sometime
Annapurna get angry and tell laksh to come downstairs
Laksh come in hurry
Annapurna – what is prolem between u last time warning if after 1 month I willget not my grandchildren I will leave from this home and frommm also
Laksh- mom what r u doing

Annapurna- bas do what I said
In night ragini Is feeding riza she sleep ragini is just going to settle riza laksh take riza from ragini and give her to swara swara become happy to see riza and she take e
Her and sleep with her
In night laksh come and close the door and come.near ragini who is talking with herdadi laksh come and cut her call
Laksh- sorry
Ragini- why??
Laksh – for being angry and slapping u
Ragini- being silent lie on bed Nd face laksh from back
Laksh- I m truly feeling sorry for it
Rgini- I think I m not talking to you so better shut up
Laksh- ragini
Ragini- laksh better talk me like that only when u slap me
Laksh get angry Nd take raGini hand

Laksh-how many I triedto come close to you but u r only culprit of this .u never give me time
Ragini- sorry laksh but now I will get my answer that u r only wory to fulfill ur mom wish bcz she want a grandchild
Laksh- ragini u now na ma is stubborn .
Ragini- cry hard laksh get shock
Laksh- arey why r u crying
Rgini- today i will cry laksh bcz today u give me pain
Laksh is her lips very softly

Laksh- give me one chance I will cure everything everything
Ragini smile and laksh also
They sleep in each other embrace

In morning
Rgini wake up and see laksh is on her .
She make him sleep on bed and wake up and and went to feed riza she take riza from swara and make her feed riza by mistake kick swara belly she scream in pain and they take her to hospital she gave birth to baby boy they name him as swayam Sanskar maheswari..
In night
Laksh playing with riza and ragini is going to feed riza when she is done laksh signal her to cover riza with blanket
Laksh come top of her and ragini and laksh get intimate

Precap- family come to know the truth ,one month leap

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