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Raglak ff- – yeh dooriyan part 1

Laksh room
He is standing and remembering some moments which he spend with ragini after all this is the last thing he get in return by loving ragini

A girl with black middie is standing with laksh and Sanskar is non other than swara the three of them is best friends suddenly a girl enter in black top and blue jeans having rosy lips beautiful face cut looking stunning when she entered in college whole college is just get stunned seeing her all the boys got fllatered on
her high heels is increasing her height …
Laksh and Sanskar get mesmerized by seeing her she just stand infront of them and move her hand to greet them
Ragini( yes the girl is ragini )
Laksh and Sanskar – hey what’s ur name
Swara- ragini her name is ragini my younger sister and new student
Sanskar in mind- new gf also
Laksh- mind )- wow she is such a sweetheart
Days passed ragini start wearing traditional clothes laksh start liking her Sanskar is just having a crush on her bcz he don’t know he love swara
On the other hand
Ragini start loving laksh soon her dream going to shattered and swara dreaming of laksh she also don’t know she love Sanskar


One day
Sanskar- should I propose her?
Swara- yah sure go and tell her u love her
Sanskar- u too tell laksh ?
Swara- ok today we will tell our feelings to laksh and ragini

On the other hand
Laksh already proposed ragini ragini accept his proposal
One day Sanskar confess his love to ragini and swara to laksh
In night
rGini and laksh keep thinking about each other next day whole family announced swalak marriage

In ragini room
She is crying like a hell laksh entered in her room and try to console her
Ragini- come in jiju u have full right on me now I m.ur saali
Laksh?– ragini what r u saying
Ragini- yes laksh from today onwards u and me r strangerS bcz of my sister
I love my sister and u love ur brother better we will forget each other
Laksh- tightly hold her hand u know what I love u since u came in college and I laksh maheswari promise.u ki soon u will be mine
Ragini- laksh tumhe meri kasam aj se balki abhi se tum swara ke ho jao
Laksh- u r out of ur senses
Ragini- plz laksh marry her
Laksh- will you live without me
Ragini- yes I will live without you u go from here go
She shouted

Two scene one emotion
In ragini side
She sit in dark crying crying and crying g
Song – kali kali raat so hone lagi h dosti
Khoya khoya in baahoon m bas Tera ab kuch nhi
In laksh side he is fully drunk and walking I. Middle of road
Har Paal har laksh mei kaise jeeya hu huuj….

Precap- more Revelation of past ,marriage

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