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raglak ff-love,hate,obsession part 27 and 28

After this only 3 episodes r left thanku so much till then keep supporting and also read my ss raglak- which I will post Friday it consist of 3 parts

New morning new fresh
Ragini ready in black middy in which her legs r visible hid heels and nude make up laksh get mesmerized by seeing her but ragini act like she is ignoring him..
Ragini- Mr laksh r u ready
Laksh- yes mam
Ragini nodded
Ragini- have u done arora file
Laksh – mam yes I m done all work
Ragini and laksh reach office .


While meeting laksh seen a guy is watching her he get angry but don’t show it because he knew it ki he will do a wrong then ragini will get upset and his chance to full ragini demands
He get silent and focus on work ragini really impressed with him and smile in her heart
When ragini went to washroom bad guy come and close the door
Ragini get scared she start shouting laksh fastly run to washroom and take ragini outside and beat the guy and after he slap ragini very hard she hug him and start crying he gave his jacket to her and take her to home
And after reaching home laksh start shouting on her
Ragini is sitting I. Her bed and crying
Laksh- ragini how can u wear this kind of clothes in office and infront of others
Ragini stop crying- laksh this is not my problem that is their problem that they r womaniser
She get angry and start throwing cushions laksh take her arm in his hands and kiss her in lips ragini shocked he push laksh but laksh was so strong to remove so hug him
Laksh get apart from ragini
Ragini- why u stop
Lalsh?? u gave me challenge when I will complete it na then I will come to you and take to my arms
Ragini smile and tell laksh- that’s why I have chosen you love you

In swasan side
Swara feed riya so she is feeling weird she start feeling uneasy and here in mm riya is crying for milk Sanskar is calming her
Just then ragini came with the bottle of milk and take her her in her lap and start feeding her riya calming drinking milk and sleep
Sanskar- thanku ragini u r doing such a big favour for me
Ragini – Sanskar I think u should forgive swara as she is really regreting what she did
Sanskar – never ever
Ragini- for me
Sanskar- then u should also forgive laksh also
Ragini- ok after 1month we both forgive them because we love them from the core of our heart

After one month
In raglak room
Laksh- Mrs.ragini laksh maheswari u r mine and I prove it
Ragini smile and hug him and kiss him on his cheeks riya come and tell laksh
Riya – chachuuu when will my Bhai come
Ragini shy
Laksh- u want ur Bhai then wait we will give u ok
He kiss her on cheeks

In swasan room
Swara- sorry Sanskar
Sanskar- chup we have to arrange a brother for riya swara shy and hug him

Precap- ragini pregnant and last episode

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