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Radha Krishna (eternal love) 5

the epi starts with Kansa asking shukracharya to find some plan to kill Krishna. Shukracharya suggests him to call anila sur. Even tym is in our favour!! A huge mad elephant is roaming in the jungles of Gokula ??.. He’ll attack Gokul soon!!!! Everything will b finished after that. Kansa smiles ?. Those who will b escaped from elephant, will die in the fire ?. Those who escape from the fire ?, will get killed by the elephant ?!! Nothing’s better than this!!! Shykracharya n Kansa sit doing a yagna. A demon appears before Kansa. What is your command my lord?? Kansa laughs ?. Go n destroy Gokula! Kill that Krishna! Bt nt so soon….. Kill him after killing his beloved ones.. Hahahaha.. Anilasur moves towards Gokul n throws a fireball ?. The trees start getting burnt down..

A messenger informs Nanda raj that there’s a big forest fire in the jungles. Many ppl r gettin harmed by the fire. Another messenger tells Nanda abt the mad ? elephant.


Vrishbhan asks Nanda raj where’ll he get kadamb flowers ?. Nanda says that he ll gt them at the bank of the Yamuna river. Bt y do you want? Vrishbhan tells him that its Radha’s birthday party n it’s always incomplete without kadamb flowers ?. I’ll bring them soon. Vrishbhan goes.

In the forest he sees alot of kadamb trees, bt gets shocked on seeing there’s nt even a single flower there. He gets sad ? and returns to Nanda Bhavan disappointed ?. He tells Nanda about that he saw. While everyone is shocked ?..

Radha is shown sleeping in her room and she gets up hearing the most melodic sound in the world, Krishna’s flute. She sees her room beautifully decorated with kadamb flowers n gets happy. She looks at the beautiful room n dances.. She runs out of the room calling her mother n father, bt what she finds is Krishna… She says you, here….. Krishna wishes her happy birthday ?. Radha thnx him n asks him where her mother and father are. Krishna says I don’t know.. I came here to wish u happy birthday first of all n u r asking abt ur mother n father. By the way, did u lyk my surprise ???.. Radha asks him which surprise. Krishna says the beautifully decorated room…. Radha asks him to shut up. These flowers r brought by my father. He brings them fr me every year. Krishna sys I brought them ☹☹ .. Kriti, Yashoda, Vrishbhan, Nanda n Rohini cum jus then. Vrishbhan gets shocked seeing the kadamb flowers ?. How did they cum here?? There aren’t any flowers in the whole Gokul. Radha says c Krishna, I’ll ask my baba, he’s brought the flowers. Krishna says I brought them from sooooo distance jus to please you Radha, bt no one cares fr my friendship here, I’m going home maiyya.. There dau must b alone, he’s wounded… Vrishbhan tells Radha that he didn’t get the flowers ?, there aren’t flowers in gokul, Krishna isn’t lying. Krishna goes out n Radha follows him. Stop Krishna,….. Krishna says I won’t stop, you’ve insulted me ?… Radha holds his hand. You’ve wished me happy birthday first of all, I won’t let you go without having Makhan.. Krishna smiles ?. Radha shyam plays…

Precap-radha is playing with the friends and the elephant comes there ?..

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