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PYAR YA SAZA ( PART 6)(marriage)

Hi guys we are back with another part of ff.. sry for late update…

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part 5


It’s early mrng. sun is peeking inside the room. Swara is laying on floor. The rays of the sun fall on her making her wakeup.. last night was so hectic for her after crying a lot she herself don’t know when she fall asleep.

Someone knocks the door. swara move towards the door like a frightened child

“Shona .. open the door and get ready soon… open the door shona …its a important day in ur life..” Sumi called frm outside..

Swara just look at the door and thinks”important day.. yeah important… I’m going to get married… But not to a person whom I dreamed to spend my whole life….”

Sumi is continuously knocking the door nd swara came out frm her thinking.. She move towards the door like lifeless body.. and opened it. sumi enters the room.

“wear this swara..get ready soon…” said sumi handovering a wedding dress to her..

And she left the room..
Swara look at the dress. It was red color with golden work….
Swara smile a bit remembering something …

Flashback starts……
@ CLG…
Swara was wearing a red suit nd enter the Clg. She is looking stunning… All r looking at her admiring her beauty where as her eyes is searching for someone else… she didn’t found the person whom she want to meet..

She step into the stair and suddenly rose petals start to fall on her like rain. She stood there and feel those rose falling at her… she looks up nd saw too familiar eyes staring at her and coming to her with a wide smile…

Swara smiles and says “sahil”

Sahil smile at her nd handover a bunch of red roses to her.

Swara look at him lovingly. Rose petals continues to fall on them while they share an eye lock…

Sahil : I love u swara..
(Swara smile wider)
Swara : I love u too…
Sahil : u look beautiful in this red suit. red suit u well. I love to see u in red…
Swara(blushing): sahil….
Sahil:someone is blushing here…

(Swara hit him playingly.)

Swara : come…we can go to class..
Sahil : no…I’m taking my princess in red to a outing.. Come my cutie…

Flashback ends~~~

Swara is still smiling…. Suddenly she came to reality.. Nd her smile changes..nd tears again Starts to fall down…

@sanskars home

Sanskar is sleeping at coach. He didn’t have any expression just a plain face. He woke up by the knock in the door..

He open the door slowly nd uttara was standing there with a smile.. Sanskar look at her without any expression. Uttara says “bhai…get ready soon..we want to leave soon…so be fast..”

Sanskar nodes and close the door..
He go and took his wedding dress and stare at it……..

@Swaras room….

Swara was dressed up nd is sitting infornt of mirror. She was stunning in bridal wear but something missing in her that was her smile.

Swara (thinking) : I can’t do it. How will I forget him? no… pls god do some miracle. I don’t want to loose him. I want him.

She was crying hardly. She looks at the mirror nd saw someone standing behind her. She turn around and saw sahil standing near to window with a sweet smile. Swara look at him lovingly..

Suddenly she hear sound from outside “The barrat reached”..

She again looks at the place where sahil was standing… But there was no one. She understood it all is her mind playing games.

She feel shattered and lifeless… She again fall to that chair and keep crying..

The Baraat entered gadodia mansion. Sanskar was seen on sitting on horse.. There was music dance over there… all are were seen so happy except groom who have no expression in face. Sanskar enter marriage venue with bharat. He is greeted by the Shekar and Sharmishta. Sumi do aarati to sanskar and applies tikaa . Sumi warmly welcome him and his family inside hall..

On otherside swara feeling suffocating.. it is matter to sacrifice her love. The girl who dream future with her love never knew she had to face this oneday.. she cover her face by red veil. She remember that veil is same which sanskar give her on shopping day.

“one day u too have to marry that day u wear this chuneri..” echoes in her ears. She closes her ears in hand. Sumi comes there and calls swara .. swara wipe tears which falling from her eyes continuously and open room door. Sumi cover her by veil and hold her by side go towards mandap.

Swara made stand near sanskar on hall.. then Pandit calls bride and groom for Jaymala.. pandit asks swara to put jayamala to sanskar. But swara not responded sumi shakes her.

“Shona where is ur focus beta? Put garland on sanskar.”

swara making her heart strong put garland on sanskar neck. sanskar too do same… both exchanged flower garlands. All relatives applauded for them.

Sanskar sit on mandap. Sumi make swara sit near him. Pandit calls shekar for kanyadhan. He keeps his hand on swara and gave it to sanskar competing ritual.

Uttara do ghatbandhan. Pandit then asks couple to stand for taking seven pheras (rounds). Both start taking around agni kund (havan). They complete rounds. After taking round they sit. Sanskar lifts swara veil slightly and apply a small dot of vermilion to her forehead. Then Sanskar make her wear sacred magalsutra. Pandit declare them as husband and wife. Newly wedded couple take blessings from elders.

Swara remember all moment spent with sahil and feel guilty for cheating him. He feels herself angry to spoil 3 lives. But it was so late. She can’t deny the fact that Sahil is now her past and sanskar is her present and future. No matter how much she hate this marriage but for now on she is Swara Sanskar maheshwari.

Precap: (after marriage)….

So frnds how was the part… Pls give ur comments.. Ur words mean a lot to us…
Take care

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