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Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 13

Sorry everyone I couldn’t post ff yesterday and plz tell me that you all are liking my ff or not.
Recap:some family moment

Episode 13
Taneja mansion
Kunj’s room
Kunj is getting ready he is wearing towel around his waist and is bare chest looking hot.He is confused what to wear.Twinkle is walking towards kunj’s room.(he has forgot to lock the door)She went inside room like rajdhani express…when she went inside both get shocked to see eo
Kunj:(shouting): aaaahhhh….siyappa queen tum door knock karke nahi aa sakti thi???
Twinkle:I…mmmm..veeerrry ssoorry
Kunj(teasingly):hmm now I came to know y u came to my room.I know I m hot handsome dashing s*xy but its not that u see this bechara boy alone and taking advantage of it….and he giggles.
Twinkle got angry


Twinkle:oh hello tum apne aapko samajtha kya hai ha?mein tumhari advantage loongi?Tum kya apne aapko salman khan samajta hai??shakal dekhi hai apna mirror mein….monkey jaise dikhte ho..bandhar kahika…
She was not giving up so kunj put his hand over her mouth
Kunj:tum kitni bak bak karti ho yaar…kabhi toh saas le aur ha main mazak kar raha tha and you took it seriously..now y r u quiet talk na
Twinkle points towards his hand and removed hand from her mouth
Twinkle:I m sorry main ne much zyada bak bak ki and ha I came here to tell you that I have took leave from office so today I will help u setup your business
Kunj:its k twinkle I will manage it

Twi:ek baar Maine commitment kar di toh main aapni aap ki bhi nahi sunti..!!!
Kunj:ok merit maa …and both burst into laugh
While leaving his room twinkle collided to bed and she was about to fall but kunj holds her in his arms.She has closed her eyes due to fear but kunj was staring at her lovingly..now she opened her eyes slowly. Both get lost in eo.After sometime they come back to their sense and composes themselves.They were feeling awkward
Twinkle:ummm..I will go get ready..and runs out of the room.kunj runs his right hand in his hair and smiles brightly.
After 1 hour twinj left to kunj’s office.When they reached the office kunj was surprised to see karan and meher (his besties and they both are married to eo).kaher(shortcut of karan and meher)goes and started to beat him
Karan:saale itna kuch ho gaya aur tumne humein kuch nahi bataya??
Meher:leave him karan now he don’t consider us as family and more than that friends(she gave fake anger)
Kunj:sorry yaar aap dono gussa mat ho..suddenly itna kuch ho gaya meri aakhon ki saamne ki mujhe much samjh mein nahi aaya.
Karan:ab use bhool jao air nayi zindagi shuru karo.Acha hua ki wo Alisha tumhari life se chalice gayi.Mujhe hamesha us pe shakh tha.

Kunj:ha you both always told that she is not right for me but I never listened you..I m very sorry
Karan:now leave this come let’s stats work and ha twinkle thank you for helping my friend in this tough situation
Twinkle:offo karan…kunj is also my best friend so I just helped my friend and ha plz don’t say thank you I hate that word….they all laugh and went inside

Precap;kaher mission to make twin to fell in love with eo.

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