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Pyar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 12

Thank u everyone for supporting me and ha plz suggest me if I should add something in my ff
Recap:twinj cute moments

Episode 12
Taneja mansion
All r sitting for breakfast
Akash:papa I got appointed in XYZ company so today I have to join it
Manohar:good beta
Kunj:dad I want to open my own business
Manohar:but how u will arrange money for this business?
Leela:don’t worry manohar ji,kunj I will give u money for your business
Kunj:but aunty…
Leela:no but..its final and ha don’t worry of returning money back u can give whenever u want.
Meera:leela Didi twinkle kaha hai?lagta hai abhi tak nahi uthi.
Leela:hai bagwaan iss kudi ka mein kya karoon..!!!
She calls twinkle…twinkle comes running..in one hand she had files and with other hand she was trying to wear earrings
Leela:tu phir se late ho?kab sudharogi?ab chal naasta kar
Twi:no maa I m getting late…but ha roll that paratha and give I will eat it
Levels gives her paratha
Kunj:twi wait I will also come..
Both twinj leaves


In car there was complete silence bcoz twinkle mouth was filled with paratha.At last kunj broke silence
Kunj:twinkle har din yese hi karti ho?mera matlab abhi bhi tum late uthi ho?mujhe laga ki tum ab sudhar gayi ho..and he laughs
Twi:(gives death glare)what’s funny in that ha?and ha its my problem I can’t get up early in the morning.Now leave this…where r u going?
Kunj:oh ha I forgot to inform u .I m gng to start my own business so I m gng to see the location for my business
Twi:oh that’s great and ha if u need any help u can call me
Kunj:OK..and ha we reached your office
Twinkle went to her office and kunj to see the location
At evening
Kunj and twinkle came back to home and saw whole family was making some arrangements
Twinj:what’s going on?
Leela:oh u both came…we r gonna watch a movie with whole in home only so…u both also join us
Whole family sat in hall to watch movie..movie started.It was romantic film.When romantic scenes were going on twinj used to share eyelock and it was short one but they again broke it and started to watch movie.Movie got over and everyone went to their room and slept……

I know it was boring and short.Next time I will make it long and interesting too

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