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pyaar ki ek kahaani:twinj episode 16


Thank you everyone for your comments and I m trying to make it longer..
Episode 16


At evening
Kunj was ready and was waiting for twinkle. He sees abhay and akash and asks
Kunj:akash bhai and abhay u both are not coming to the party?
Akash:no kunj actually I have some office so I can’t come
Kunj:and u abhay?
Abhay:bhai my final exams are coming near so even I can’t join u
Kunj:oh its k
Kunj(thinks):where is this siyappa queen?how much tym she is taking to get ready?
At that tym twinkle comes down.She was wearing red gown with diamond work on it and silver heels.She left her hairs and was looking damn gorgeous.Kunj was mesmerized to see her.He couldn’t take his eyes off.Twinkle came near him and snapped her fingers infront of him and he came back to his sense
K:how much tym u take to get ready?we r already late for the party
T:oh hello Mr.sarna ladkiyo ka dher tak tayaar hona unki janam sidh adhikaar hai
K:OK madam let’s go
They came to the party
Karan:how much late u came?

Kunj:array yaar these girls na they take so much tym to get ready u know
Twinkle gives death glares to kunj while he giggles.At mean tym arnav also arrives
Twinkle:oh u came..!!come let’s go inside
Twinkle went inside with arnav leaving angry kunj behind
All were having fun.twinkle was standing in the middle while arnav was standing at her left side and kunj at right side.They announced for couple dance and kunj was about to ask twinkle but before he could say anything arnav grabbed her hand and took her towards dance floor. They were dancing very romantically. Kunj was watching them with full angry.he went near bar and ordered alcohol.He drank so much that now he was out of control. he went near twinkle and dragged her towards him.Twinkle was shocked about his behavior but somewhere she felt happy .He started to dance with her sensually and romantically. After sometime he felt giddy and he fell down.Twinkle took him out of the party hall and drove off to their home.She took him inside his room and laid him on the bed. She was about to leave but kunj grabbed her hand and said
K:don’t leave me twinkle. I can’t live without u.I felt jealous seeing u with that bl**dy arnav.I can’t see u with anyone bcoz..I..I….before he could say further he fell asleep
T:I know kunj u love me but I want u to express your feelings infront of me…she smiles and left

At morning
Kunj got up with a very pain full headache
K:ahhh..this headache how did I reach home?
Twinkle came to his room
T:take this lemonade and drink u will feel relaxed after that I will answer ur all que(says sternly)
Kunj(thinks):did I do anything wrong with twinkle?noooo how can think of that….plz babaji save me…
T:kunj y do u drink so much if u can’t handle yourself?
K:actually twinkle I was nervous as it was my first project so..
T:k now go and freshen up
He nods his head like small kid and runs towards bathroom

Precap:kunj realises his love for twinkle

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