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pyaar ki ek kahaani: twinj episode 9

Thank you everyone for commenting and liking my ff and sorry for not replying as I was busy
Recap:kunj consoles twinkle and Alisha fuming in anger

Episode 9


Days passed twinj friendship bond was becoming strong.Twinkle had become the soul of sarna family she used to take care of everyone and she had become favourite and most imp person in the sarna family. Ayaan(son of akash) had very much attachment with twinkle.She used feed him food with her hand,play with him and he used to sleep in her embrace while she narrated him stories.Here Alisha was trying her best to impress usha and make twinkle’s bad impression to sarna family but she always failed.This was enough for Alisha so she decided to talk to usha about her affair with kunj.She went near usha and said
Alisha:aunty I want to talk with u its very imp
Usha:ha say

Alisha:actually… And she narrates everything(about hers and kunj relationship)
Usha was shocked to hear this her eyes became red and stood numb after sometimes she composed herself and called twinj and other family members
Kunj:maa what happened? Y u called us urgently?
Twinkle:ha maa wht happened?
Usha:kunj do u live Alisha?
Usha(shouts):just give me answer yes or no
Kunj:yes mom I love Alisha
Usha slaps kunj and kunj stood numb and twinkle was shocked to see usha’s reaction including all family members were also shocked
Usha:why u cheated me kunj?y u didn’t tell me that u love Alisha?
Kunj:mom I know u don’t like Alisha so…
Usha:u knew my answer but also u loved her.You know u had done a very big mistake u ruined twinkle’s life…and she cries
Kunj:mom plz don’t cry…
Usha:don’t call me mom

Twinkle:maa I knew everything about this.kunj told me about his affair before marriage and even I was not ready for this marriage as I wanted to do job so we did this all plan..
Usha:twinkle even u told lies
Twinkle: plz maa I m sorry and say yes to their relationship kunj loves Alisha very much and even Alisha does
Usha:but I don’t trust this girl
Twinkle:plz maa atleast for your son’s happiness
Usha thinks
Usha:ok I m ready to accept Alisha as my bahu but what about u
Twi:don’t worry maa I have got selected for job and ha don’t think about my levels mom I have told her everything
Kunj and Alisha are happy as finally they are getting married
At twinj’s room

Kunj enters his room and see that twinkle is packing her bag
Kunj:why r u packing your bag
Twi:I have finished my work so now I should go back to my home
Kunj(shocked):but you can stay here till my marriage
Twinkle:no kunj actually mom is alone in home and I have to get back to my work so
Kunj:don’t go na plz

Twi:sorry kunj I have to go and ha I my your best friend na so u should listen to me
Both smile at ego.Twinkle along with her luggage came down.All were standing there to bid her bye and all were having tears
Abhay:bhabi who will take care of your crazy lazy and mad devar plz don’t go..
Akash:ha twinkle who will make my favourite dishes?

Twinkle was having tears.Ayaan comes running and hugs twi tightly
Ayaan:chachi plz don’t go.Even mom also left me and went no one is there to love me like mothers do
Twinkle hugged ayaan and started to cry after sometime she broke hug and said
Twi:if u want to see me means u can come to meet me to my home ok…..and she kisses his forehead
All bid bye to twinkle with sad faces while Alisha was feeling happy .

Precap:kunj misses twinkle

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